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If the price is right......................

Ok, another question

One of the cars I am looking at is a 2001 Y Reg Silver Mk1 172 Sport, excellent condition
20,000 miles, full service history, is an import.


well, somewhere between £10500 and £11000

opinions please
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Mmmm, a bit steep. Go on under the car section, garage somewhere got one for under £9000!!!


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You can get a brand new import mk2 172 for only £11,999 mate.

This seems a bit steep for an oldr car with 20k miles on it.

Wven our local Renault dealer has a 51 Reg, black mk2 172 with only 8000 miles on in for £11,995 on the forcourt, I was looking at it tonight.

Also, there is a guy on here selling a 51 Reg one with 14k miles on for £11,000 too.

Basically, that one is too much.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

They have a Silver, Black & Blue all for £11999 brand new!!!!

If you buy one just pay the road fund tax .....forget all their little extras as you can get them elswhere cheaper.
IE: Their alarm £390...same alarm elswhere £275


20k is my maximum

at the end of the day, i am only interested in a Mk1 172

i know i could get a brand new mk2 for a thousand or so more......but i just prefer the mk1s.... just to be difficult


  Shiny red R32

VR6Man, here are a few Clios from the Auto Trader website, but as I dont know your post code, I dont know how close they are to you.


2000 RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 3dr Hatchback2000 Silver. Air conditioning, ABS, Alloy wheels, Anti theft system, 4 airbags, Electric windows, PAS, Heated electric mirrors, Leather, 6 CD changer, trip computer, remote locking, Full Renault service history, moving home forces reluctant sale. 43500 miles. £8750.
Tel: 07973659419 or 01773 767803Email: nick_whitehead@btinternet.comPrice: £8,750


RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 3dr HatchbackSilver fRsh, Air/Con, ABS, 6-CD, Alarm, Airbags, Leather, and warranty. All usual extras, no canvessers,. 21000 miles. £9250

Tel: 01883 340289 or 07900495865
Price: £9,250


2000 X Reg Renault Clio 2.0 Renaultsport 172, 2000 X Reg , Yellow, Hatchback, 3 Doors. ABS, Air Bag, Air-Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Central Door Locking, Electric Windows, Front Fog Lights, Leather Steering Wheel, Leather Trim, Passenger Air Bag, Power-Assisted Steering, Sports Seats, Sports Steering Wheel. All Cars Come With Warranty, Part Exchange And Finance Available. To View More of Our Sports and Prestige Stock Click on DEALER WEBSITE Redline Racing Motor Group Tel: 01132843300Price: £9,295


2001 RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 3dr Hatchback
2001 X Registration. Silver. 13,700m. Superb Condition throughout. Totally Standard Vechicle. All Usual Extras. Just had 18k Renault Service to Sell. Genuine Bargain. New 330i Coupe arriving in September forces sale. First to see will buy. No offers or Canvassers (and that includes YOU Car Data). Call Rob. £9500.

Tel: 01277 203376 or 07711 703600
Price: £9,500


2001 51 Reg Renault Clio 2.0 Renaultsport 172
2001 51 Reg , Iceberg Silver SuperGloss, 23,000 miles . with Alcantara sport seats, Climate Control, elec pack, Singal CD and 6 Stack CD system, Xenon Headlight with Headlight Wash, Sports Body Styling with 16" Alloys, Viewing Essentail. £9,999.

Ron Hodgson
Tel: 01942745745
Price: £9,999


2002 RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 3dr Hatchback
2002 SAVE £4000 on new car. Black 2002 Clio 172 Sport with all the toys. Fully alarmed and immobilised. New car forces sale of this 172 BHP car with outstanding handling and performance. Absolute BARGAIN. First to see will buy at £11,500ono. 8000 miles. £11500.

Tel: 07779804799 or 01634 868545
Price: £11,500


2000 RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 3dr Hatchback
2000 Silver. Air con, Leather, ABS, 17 Alloy wheels. Throttle bodies, Nitrous oxide, 288bhp, Tv, Playstation, phone for full spec £12,000ono. Serious enquires only please. £12000.

Tel: 07887767976
Price: £12,000

  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey VR6man, whereabouts in Surrey/Hampshire are you? i live near Hindhead in Surrey. Theres silver mk.1 for sale in Guildford - i can check it out for ya if you want?

yes, some decent ones there....

the last one especially

what i hadnt said is that i need to part ex my car on the clio.... so it rules out most private sales (unless someone wants my rather nice highline!!!)

VR6man - understand where you are coming from, my own personal choice was the mk1. paid £12500k for my 2001 with 10k miles on it. This was 1yr ago. I think for a really good one, lowish miles around 9500k - 10k. That one you have seen has too high miles for the money and is an Import which may affect resale...
  CTR EK9 turbo

Liphook is 5 minutes drive away from my house! my girlfriend lives near Bordon. My friends always mention it as i pass it on the ladymead stretch of road before you pass the Jaguar garage on the left, after the Shell Garage.

well there is one more i can look at

11k miles and 11k price

but a lot further away...


i hate decisions

but appreciate the advice from you guys / gals

ok then, hows about 2000 w reg mk1 silver 172

11k miles renault demo car


better ?? i think so

opinions again please

11k still seems a bit steep. Miles are nice and low for its age, i would haver thought maybe nearer 10k, but then again this is from a dealer i presume...see if you can haggle him down, 10250 would be fair. You can use the excuse that you can buy a new one for only a couple of grand more..

you gotta pay wot you gotta pay to get wot you want eh? if you must have a Mk1 - which I can fully understand - they are obviously rarer than the Mk2s anyway and maybe you will have to pay more, even if logically they should not be as dear as they are.


from dealers (who will take my car in part ex) there are very very few cars available

i want under 20k and i dont want to pay more than 11 grand

there are bugger all available that match my criteria !!!


  Shiny red R32

Kis, they dont look that rare on Auto Trader online, there are loads of mk1 172s for sale and almost all silver! there was one rare yellow though!!


  Shiny red R32

Why dont you advertise your VR6 online and see what response you get? If you sell it privately you can then go to a dealer and knock them down for a 172 - works every time if they dont have to take your car.

girlracer, this is where i have been looking

i want around the 10k mark and it must be from a dealer

i went through them all at the weekend, there were 6 available, inc 1 yellow 1,

so 5.....

(sure there are lots more with higher mileage but i want low mileage)

i never make it easy for myself

i would be able to get 8 grand for mine if i sold it privately but to be honest, i can put up with getting less if it means i dont have the hassles of selling privately and i can get my new car quicker.....
  CTR EK9 turbo

Nope it wasnt me coming out of Liphook unless it was a silver courtesy car with courtesy car written all over it. In fact im going to see my girlfriend today, so ill be going through Liphook (at 20 mph) to get to her house. Ill toot the horn in case youre around! Theres definately one for sale in guildford and i think its at a dealers. Theres also a scarab green exclusive for sale at SMC Woking. (well, it was there a while back and someone was having a test drive) Have you test driven one yet? I would let you have a cain in mine if i had it at the moment, but the gear box is being replaced and theyve just told me itl take another 3-10 years, oops, days to get it all sorted. GREAT.


  Shiny red R32

£10,000 sounds a lot for a VR6, especially as they havent made them for ages, so it must be getting on a bit!

sorry girlracer, didnt make that clear

im looking for a clio with 10k miles on it and for 11k pounds !!

in fact i have found one and put a deposit down on it.....


  Shiny red R32

"i want around the 10k mark and it must be from a dealer" I thought you meant that you wanted £10,000 for the VR6

well i would have liked £10k for the vr6 but alas, no...

having said that, someone at work bought a slightly older, slightly higher mileage one for £9,000 in black (mines purple oooh errr missus)

and yes, i should have sold it to them, but they only told me theyd got one like mine when i came back from holiday !!!!


and yes


after being purple for so long and standing out, i thought being inconspicous (fairly) for a bit would be good !!!