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Inferno track car build

Next part of the update. I was beginning to feel like theyre was a bit too much going on with the livery on the car so decided to tone it down a bit. I also fitted a new rain light on the rear as the one i was running shorted and half the l.e.ds stopped working.





I also stuck one of the bucket seats back in the car. Love how its looking with the white backs now.

Got round to drilling out the seat mounts for the the harness lap belts. Replaced the inner rear bolts for eyelet anchor bolts for the harnesses to hook onto. Feel as if this is a much safer solution to what i was running before.


At the same time I also set about tidying up more of the wiring under the dash and just a general tidy up. Still haven't got round to sorting the cage out yet so thats been put too the side.

So i have turned my attention to the engine bay. You may also notice I have removed my foglight surrounds and ducts... More on that later 🙊🙊



The bay Its self is in dire need of some tidying up so at the moment I have removed the inlet and fuel rail cover for spraying.

Pretty happy with hpw these have turned out.




Next will be respray the rocker cover (not looking forward to this, gotna feeling it will be a nightmare to mask up) also going to be painting the engine mount, engine mount bracket, throttle body, alternator bracket and the engine lifting eyelet.
Well was expecting a delivery for the clio yesterday after work so headed round and set about doing a few bits. De greased the bay and got most of the crap off the rocker cover. Got all the painted engine bits refitted, unfortunatly not the best pictures due to the glare of the sun but ill get some better ones tomorrow no doubt.



Next to tackle is this, a Varley redtop battery and cage with a relocation kit and cut off switch to be fitted also


Then.... That should be the bay done once i change my induction set up from a 90 degree to a 45 degree behind the headlight
Got a couple more pics of the bay today whilst removing the battery and ecu housing.

Attempted to lay my ecu flat on top of the gearbox mount but there seemed to be loads of tension on the cables 🤷 Any suggestions?



Then set about removing the cage, brace and seats and given the rear another fresh lick of paint!



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With the rear end painted i set about getting front painted also along with the roof. Just need to get the cage sorted out and that will be the interior done and ready to bolt everything back in!


To tidy things up a bit, I had bought some rubber edging. So fitted this to the edge round the gutted bootlid, the edge round the aero catches and on the edge on the front crewmember. For something so simple its made a nice subtle improvement.



Got round to doing the front numberplate as well so it was also quick removal.

£5 strip of aluminum from B&Q, some strong as f*** glue and some vinyl on the bumper.

3 magnets on the back of the plate and voila!
Delivery day today.

Got home to 2 packages after work.

1st of which...
BAF Motorsport K brace.

And a quick mock up

I would have fitted it there and then but.... I seem to have misplaced the isofix bolts that i took out a couple of year back. Have other somewhere so will be bolted in at the weekend.

2nd parcel. Was buzzing for this one!


Cup racer brake ducts and deflector plates! I know i could have atleast cleaned the dust off them before taking photos 😂 but yeah will need to get the dremel out and get these fitted at the weekend also

Sunday progress time!

The bootlid got the finishing touches today. With the addition of the locking aero catches. Glad i went for these as due to the car possibly being taken to work some days its always good to have that bit of safety.

Really chuffed with how these have turned out.


Now onto the front, Gave the cup racer brake ducts a good clean and started to cut awaybat the bumper to get them fitted. Then screwed them in place with some black screws to keep it subtle.

Imo these look brilliant!



Then also took delivery of some michelin pilot sport 3s so they will be fitted to one of the sets of wheels.

Got the clio out the garage for just now so i can use the garage as a temporary "spray booth"


So changing the colour of the cage to match the rest of the interior colour scheme. In 2 minds to get the wheels done white too match as well 🤔



Cage needs another wet sand and another coat then lacquer. Then once I decide where im mounting the battery in the car I can get everything in and bolted down.


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I need a set of cup racer ducts!
Might be worth pulling that rear loom out before the cage goes in. Then you can feed it back through behind the bodywork and hide it away. I did mine, took a couple hours but was worth it in the end. (Tied string to the plugs before pulling them out so it was easier to get them back through, especially across the boot lid)
I need a set of cup racer ducts!
Might be worth pulling that rear loom out before the cage goes in. Then you can feed it back through behind the bodywork and hide it away. I did mine, took a couple hours but was worth it in the end. (Tied string to the plugs before pulling them out so it was easier to get them back through, especially across the boot lid)

They certainly look the part mate! Really chuffed with them.

Yeaah i have been meaning to do that for a good while now. I done the driver side when i painted the car the first time about a year ago. And yeah still not got round to do the passenger side 😂 It is on the list to do though! 😂
Well thats the cage painted now. All white and ready to be fitted. Took it out the garage to see how it looks in the day light.

Happy with the outcome.



Was time to get it in the car.

Luckily enough the paint i used was a decent match to the powdercoat used on the baf motorsport k brace.


Then with that sitting in i bolted it up and then placed my seats in situ. Just to get an idea of how the interior will look with all the white accents fitted. Absolutely loving the orange white colour scheme and contrast now.


Just a few more bite here and there and the interior will be complete!

And may aswell throw in a rear end shot too.