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Inferno track car build

Next part of the update. I was beginning to feel like theyre was a bit too much going on with the livery on the car so decided to tone it down a bit. I also fitted a new rain light on the rear as the one i was running shorted and half the l.e.ds stopped working.





I also stuck one of the bucket seats back in the car. Love how its looking with the white backs now.

Got round to drilling out the seat mounts for the the harness lap belts. Replaced the inner rear bolts for eyelet anchor bolts for the harnesses to hook onto. Feel as if this is a much safer solution to what i was running before.


At the same time I also set about tidying up more of the wiring under the dash and just a general tidy up. Still haven't got round to sorting the cage out yet so thats been put too the side.

So i have turned my attention to the engine bay. You may also notice I have removed my foglight surrounds and ducts... More on that later 🙊🙊



The bay Its self is in dire need of some tidying up so at the moment I have removed the inlet and fuel rail cover for spraying.

Pretty happy with hpw these have turned out.




Next will be respray the rocker cover (not looking forward to this, gotna feeling it will be a nightmare to mask up) also going to be painting the engine mount, engine mount bracket, throttle body, alternator bracket and the engine lifting eyelet.