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Infinity 4 Speakers

Your really limited if your sticking to 4" speakers, they just cant handle much bass at all or power but if all your after is a set for front fill then they should be fine running off a head unit.
  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3

Maybe Ill see if we get permission to build a driveway, then decide what speakers to get - Id like to have some power.

What would I have to do if i were putting them in the door? Is it difficult? What do you have to do to the wiring?

im here now, sorry, birthday weekenders usually culminate in me not being around for a little while

the infinity speakers will provide you a above average sound quality, but you will not get any volume from them

as above, ideally you want to fit some 13cm speakers in the front doors, it took me 5 minutes to change the speakers over in my old RSi, reasonable mounting depths in the coors too, however the speakers were already in the doors on that particular car, im sure renault didnt change too much when they converted to the mk1 ph3?

have a look in the doors, im certain there will be speaker pods there :confused:
  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3

I got some 16.5cm Fusion speakers, ph3 has them in the dash.

Got a 1000w 10" Kenwood Sub and 1200w amp aswell - fitting them soon.