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Inner track rod minefield - what fits a 182 cup pack?

So, there's some play and I've narrowed it down to be the driver's side inner track rod. After searching and reading all I can find, I am no clearer as to what I need.

My car is a 182 with cup pack suspension (full fat).

A friend had one that was too short, he said it was from a diesel or something so that might explain it...

Anyway, can someone please point me towards a reasonably priced reputable part?

Also, how much of a mission is the job of changing it? I've got a special spanner for a Range Rover fan bolt or something that fits.


ClioSport Club Member
Did mine last weekend, I ended up getting mine from Adam at Renault Wolverhampton only £40 a side, I was going to get the first line ones but they had to order them in they was about £20 per side but for an extra £40 I have better quality components

i made a tool and it was easy but without it it would have taken a long time as access is tight