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Insurance again - ur 2cents please

Hello Peeps,

Its the age old question of insurance for a 172. I cant believe ive had Angellica for nearly a year, ive just had my renewal though.

Ive tried all the big companies and Elephant is the cheapest followed by direct line.

Anyone know of any small compaies that specialise in High Performance and Young drivers that are worth my time filling in the forms for? Ive been google bashing all week and cant really see past the damn sponsered adds.

Cheers for the help guys



ClioSport Club Member
  ST 225, PH1 172

Liverpool Victoria? If youve got some decent no claims, try e-sure, think you need 4 years no claim.

That the name i couldnt remember, Adrian Flux, ill give thema go.

LOL Auto direct quoted me...... £10068 but came with free windscreen replacement.

With a quote like that why look anywhere else!

Actually has anyone else had stupid quotes like that? Last year the highest i found was budget at £5995. I though that was stupid but the auto direct took the buscuit this year.

23 1year NCB no points claims or accidents and in a nice suburb. Whats not to insure?

What are your worst quotes?

Thats no typo! 10 big ones! 10k Ten Gs

Any way you look at it i had to laugh! If i had actually called the company on the fone theres no way they would have ever even told me the figure on the screen! Computers dont get embarrased lol.

saying that it was the worst of the 5 quotes they recommended i mean the best was a still laughable 2500 something :oops:

I dont get why its so high. I must be a marked man. :devilish:

OK ive gone and got the quote from AutoDirect again...the ones over 10k and i now have a screen shot.

can someone host the pic? its a 140k jpeg. Its funny, they say its so simple, just click and give a deposit of 1000 and then 12 easy monthly installments of 998 !!!!

mite put people of 172s thou
  172 M69 eater

best one i ever had was 3000 on a 1.2 at 17!!!

im with endsliegh and they were good to me cus im a student and they offered me discount, but i dunno if thats good 4 u!!

I know its not on a 172 but-

Adrian Flux - 1.4, 32, 7 yrs NCB, no endorsments, K&N airfilter . . . . . . wait for it - £700. Liverpool Victoria, same details, exhaust and alloys - £250.

Begining to think they just make some of the prices up.