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Integra Type R

ny one raced afainst one of these? I saw one a couple oif nights ago and thought i would see how i faired. I couldnt get past him but he couldnt get away from me either. i just sat on his arse all the way along.

To say the guy was fumin is an understatement. lol

I had a race with one and had similar experience. It was fairly evenly matched but he was a bit braver than me!



i had a go with one in my dads car a few weeks back

quite impressed at its grip and braking abilitys

I secretly (not anymore!) love the idea of the Focus RS but need a drive, i havent seen any on the road yet, let alone dealerships! Do you know what the waiting list is? Im guessing theres no least in the south east.

I dont see the point of making a table up of contenders when you quote manufacturers claims for some cars then quote best mag times for others??

dont bother with the RS i took an extensive test drive in one, as had a deposit down (now returned) HUgE turbo laaag to the point of getting beat of the lights by slow NA cars, also wrist snapping torque steer that i never felt comfy with. First two gears felt slower than my clio sluggish and hard to get power down third was fun never got into 4th. nice to look at but IMO too purple, also interior had no class but very supportive seats. The steering pulls quite disturbingly too :cry: . Its a car you can never extract the potential from on uk rds, track car.

ohh i raced a ITR on snake pass ages ago. They fly on the straights, and handle well good. He kept overtaking on dble white lines so kept pulling quite a lead on me, i caught him with spirited driving, and on slow tight corners i was all over it. Its a rocket though. pretty similar speeds
  clio 20v

havent raced an itr but hav raced a civic and performance was similar to mine except wen i caught him out of the vtec wen i could pull a gap

are integras much quicker than the civic type r


again think there similar

if he cant keep it in vtec he cant drive, change and they drop to 6000rpm. The CTR is 1200kg though and has less torque per ton than the 172. Torque is what moves ya

Rob I heard the shipments where all bought up for this year so youd be waiting a while, never drove one but my mate is an engineer for RS in Northampton and he doesnt rate it, not really a good advertisement.

After all four wheels and a board makes a Ford.