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iPhone/iPod connection issue

  A4 Avant
My iPod and iPhone connect to my laptop fine. However neither will connect to my work computer. The other guy in the office has the identical specced PC to me, yet I have no issues connecting to his.

Basically the phone is recognised momentarily then disconnects and the iPhone screen show the "this item can't charge this device".

I've googled and nothing so far has worked, I've reinstalled iTunes and the apple service is running. Windows Xp is the OS.

Any ideas?
  A4 Avant
But it's my iPod as well Tom using the new cable that came with the iPhone. It's only an issue now I need to charge it everyday.

That is the symbol displayed on the phone.
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  A4 Avant
Thats what I was thinking, I've unplugged all usb devices and still no go. The fact my colleagues PC is identical but charges the phone/player I think it's software related.