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is my clio an import?

  Clio 182
i took my 182 to renault today to get a quote on servicing and they couldnt find it on their database... further to this its not on any insurance databases either.

ive had a look through the documents and ive found a certificate of somesort outlining the vehicles specification and ID. its titled EC Certificate of conformity with the vehicles chassis number, it also has, hand written "registered as YN54 ***" and a city of sheffield stamp

on the back page it has "fiscal power or national code number if applicable, and, next to spain "13.30"

im therefore presuming its a spanish import.. but why would it be right hand drive!?
  BMW M3
Yeah, as above. Mine was one as i bought it from motorpoint. Not a big prob though. Just an exsuse for a mean alarm/motion sensor like mine had.
  RS Clio 182
I found out my 182 is a french import as renault couldnt find it on their database and i found some details in my logbook - think it was imported from Paris.

I wondered aswell though why its right hand drive..
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Has anyone ever thought there all imports,just that some are registered by uk dealers and the rest are done through places like motorpoint...