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Jekyll's RB182 Progress Thread


ClioSport Club Member
Yes it's all good still thanks Mark. Only achieving 51mpg at the moment but that must be the way I'm driving it. Still better economy than the clio and it's nice and comfortable on the commute so all is well. Heated seats are a Godsend! Have a new CD changer unit on the way from the US so will be able to swap over the internals when that arrives and hopefully solve the "Deck Error" issue. May even update your original S40 thread. One of the rear tyres appears to have a puncture as it's losing ~3psi a day but it's manageable and these things happen. Glad you are still enjoying the clio! :smile:

How comes you bought one from the US as opposed to over here?

51mpg is still good though bud. I was averaging 49mpg i think.

Thoroughly enjoyed your other thread so looking forward to this one as well. I am thinking of going down the same induction route. Could you let me know the exact measurements for the 90 degree elbows, joiner and the filter so I make sure I get the correct parts. Thanks

Thanks bud. Yes of course:

Ally joiner for the silicone pipes. (You will need to buy an extra one if you use the filter i currently have, as it comes with no neck)

Breather filter to go into the back of the inlet:

2x 90 degree silicone bends:

And the filter of your choice. I went for a Pipercross C0171 filter this time, which doesn't come with a neck on the filter. The previous filter i had on my Ph1 was a ITG one which had a neck on it, so bare this in mind if you chose the above filter. What ever filter you decide on, make sure it has a 70mm outside diameter to go into the silicone bend, whether it comes with a neck or you use a joiner. You will also need to adjust/cut down one of the silicone bends at an angle for it to fit in-between the ECU cover and past the throttle body. Like here:

Induction kit cut marking.jpg

This thread really makes me want another RB 182.

Anyone wanna buy my Volvo?!

Haha, dont blame me for this issue!!

Mark how does the induction set up sound. I'm guessing you have had the fatty style one at some point?

Just re read, you took off the fatty induction kit lol

It sounds ok buddy. I prefer the look of this setup, as it just looks a bit more finished. The fatty one i had that i removed sounded louder, but that could be due to the filter, as this pipercross one is a tad more subtle. Will reply to your PM in a mo :smile:


ClioSport Club Member
I decided that i didnt like the look of the full size plate, but the 3/4 one i have was a tad too small so i too the original plate and cut it down on the bansaw at work so i had my own 3/4 size, but this way ive still kept all the codes on the bottom of the plate to make it "legal" if i ever get pulled up.





I also removed the Team Heko's



Then today i decided to clean the seatbelts as they was filthy. Hot water and Vanish Gold worked a treat :smile:

Pre clean belts 1.jpg

Belt clean during1.jpg

Belt clean after 1.jpg

Belt clean 50-50.jpg

Belts cleaned 1.jpg

Ordered some stickers from @LeeRS too which came over the weekend. Once again, thanks mate :smile: These are a sticker to show the gear select which i will put on the inside of the windscreen like on the ph1's as i have the BMS shifter, and a Renault Sport sticker that i will put in the rev counter. This will all be done once i get a few dash parts from a non sport as mine are sticky and the non sport ones come with no soft touch. I also need to change the bulb clock so i'll leave it all until i have all the parts.
  Volvo S40
How comes you bought one from the US as opposed to over here?

51mpg is still good though bud. I was averaging 49mpg i think.

Partly because the closest to a matching part number happened to be one in the US and partly because it was $99 all in (~£68) whereas pretty much all the UK sellers wanted at least £100 and some of them a lot more. Worth the longer wait for shipping imo, just hope it works now! :smile:

True, 51mpg is still good! I'm sure if I drove it more like a Grandad I could achieve more but you've still got to have some fun haven't you!

Nice seatbelts btw :wink:


ClioSport Club Member
Good to see you back Mr OCD. Loving the car and yes sell me that spoiler if you change your mind!


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks guys. The seat belts have come up brilliantly. The pictures don't really show the true lightness. We went out today and took the RB and when I put on the belts, I was really surprised on how good they actually are now that there fully dry. Such a simple job but rewarding.

The car is crying out for spacers. I will be doing the 20mm fronts/10mm rear like I did before but not yet. I'll be changing the dash top, hazard panel, grab handles and CC for a non sport. At first I thought it would look odd, but the vents are the same so it'll look fine. Better than the tacky current ones. Can't imagine it'll be expensive so if anybody know of a non sport being broken, shout me out :)

Am also looking for a aftermarket CD that has USB compatibility, so once again, if anybody knows not one going cheap, just yell.

I am planning on getting a ITG filter. I think I prefer it to the pipercross one I have so if anybody is interested in this one, just let me know.


ClioSport Club Member
I've also decided that I'll be painting the silver parts on the engine bay a nice mettalic grey. I like the colour of the bay that was posted on the previous page so we shall see. Going to leave the rocker cover silver though.


ClioSport Club Member
I knew you would approve on the deflector removal. I was going to to tag you, but i knew you'd be in here to comment!

I also greatly approve of the deflector removal. I think they're blinkin' awful, looks so so so much better without them!


ClioSport Club Member
@RMDavis It's worked wonders mate. I just put a heaped spoonful in a bucket with hot water and took a washing up sponge to it. I pulled it out to its maximum and held it over with a quick clamp as my washing pegs didn't hold it. Let it soak the best I could for 5 mins then scrubbed away. It didn't look that good when I was doing it as the belts was wet, but once they was dry, they came out brilliantly. Both sides took less than an hour :)

@massivewangers Thanks buddy. I did like them, but do think it looks a bit more mature (for want of a better word) without them.
I have a pioneer head unit I'd probably sell. Had it in my Clio for 2 years. It's dab ready and plenty of light colours to choose to match your dash.
Was about 120 when I bought it and it's in a1 condition. Fitted and never removed fascia again. Lol
Doesn't come with wiring loom though. Comes with original box etc though. Can take pics etc tomorrow. Pm if your interested.

Love the updates mate! I attempted a similar job on my number plates with a jigsaw. Epic fail! Lol. Correct blade would have helped mind, rather than a coarse cut timber one [emoji23]
Great read this, really interesting to see all the photos and details of everything being done...... and getting ideas for mine 🙈 LOL!
Keep up the good work :blush:
P.S. that new induction looks sooo much better!!


ClioSport Club Member
Just had another look through this, you do everything right! Even the pics and how you document it, makes for such a great thread mate!

How come you got rid of the team hekos? I bought some for mine but one arrived cracked sadly so didn't end up fitting them haha


ClioSport Club Member
I'm getting worse Dan, taking pics of literally everything!

Got a few more to add in here, but I'll wait till I'm on the laptop.

As for the hekos, I just thought it would look better without them. Plus it's a pain to keep the windows clean with them as you have to clean underneath them.


ClioSport Club Member
Few things have been done recently, mostly picture taking!

The RB spare and extras came with a new oil filter/washer and some oil so i ecided to give it an oil change as the weather was nice.




When i was draining the oil i naturally took a pic, little realising that my "catch tank" had no lid. Cue a bit of panic and oil soaked phone, tools and a large oily floor!





Then I whored some pics:














I also picked up some bits from @RyG

Non stick grab handles as mine has gone sticky


Standard cup holder as mine had a jack insert for the Connects2


Sapre side bullets as mine are a little bubbly


Swapped the handles over. Old:


I love these wipes. They are so universal!


Removed the switches and clean all the grub off


Non stick fitted


Passenger side. Old:




Non stick fitted:


Old cup holder






The reason i did the last bit was because i wanted to have usb compatibility, plus the standard headunit was all scabby. I didnt want to spend big bucks so i bough @LiquidYellDan old pioneer for a good price.


The old headunit


It didn't come with the leads so i ordered the harness to go into the back of the unit

And then the adapter so i could have stalk control.

All fitted


Its a bit tight behind the headunit, but with a bit of patience and strategic placing, it all fits a treat. Ive also ordered a spare climate control unit in decent condition:


I also have a new dash top, hazard panel and the strip that sits below the CC panel, all in good condition coming from another facebook group. Once they arrive i will swap them over, change the clock bulbs as the right side is dim, and ill add the renault sport sticker into the rev counter and the gear select sticker on the windscreen.

Lasty, lets finish with a pic.

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