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Just Matz

  Chocolate Bar™


im thinking of getting some mats off justmatz for my gfs new car. thing is im a bit lost on the website as to the exact cost.

i want black mats, with the wine border, heel pad on drivers, and then a slogon put on the drivers mat.

im assuming the quality is top notch from some of the pics ive seen knocking amount on here - but do they last well. i.e are they purely show mats, or everyday mats??


mine wore very quickly (especially the logo), so i dont personally recomend then for medium/heavy use, in fact i wouldnt buy them again
  2004 1.2 Dynamique

Someone on heres got some quality justmatz, the ones in the back like stretch all the way accross, maybe he could post the pic up!
  Chocolate Bar™

they do look mint - but these would obviously be for everyday use, and i dont see the point in buying them to put some rubber mats on top.

what about the cheapest fabric they do? - reckon this would be more hardwaring than the more expensive deeper pile one

also how much they cost for the full set?

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  2004 1.2 Dynamique

I want some like that but with a cliosport badge on instead of cup 172! How much woul they be?
  Chocolate Bar™

not a bad price considering their custom done. is that for the full set i.e. rear as well? think ill order her some up :D