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Just test drove the 172Cup

  ff 182

Hi guys and gals just test drove the 172 Cup.its mint its so fast.Started it up and it made a wierd noise wot you lot were on about its something to do with power steering.

Getting 1 soon part exing mine and paying £9,995

Cheers Pete

What car are you p/ex? age milage etc? They offered me 2900£ for my 97 P Primera SRi 41,000 miles... Hw wouldnt give me anything off the list price because of the p/ex.
  ff 182

They are giving me £2,000 for my Clio RT 1995 M 77,000.theres another garage selling them at £11,650 brand new.

welcome to the club! lol they are a great laff i would recomend one ! No offence to the 172 owners but theres just to much stuff in em! but i would say that!!! ;)

They do look great. Mine looks even better now its lowered and had my 17" turinis put on today:D.

Will try to get some pics tomorrow.
  ff 182

Paul doesnt it effect ur handling and performance though also the guy said they are bringing out a sports tuning pack for the cup is it true or wot?

Cheers Guys for the info.

Smooted so they offered you 2 k for a 95 RT and 10,000£ in cash to get the Cup, so they are giving 1 k off the cup even with a p/ex. They offered me 3k for a 97 Primera SRi 41000 miles and wont give me anything off the Cup he wants full book price! Can you give me the details of the dealer so i can go back to him and see if he can match it.
  ff 182

Gravells swansea ill get you the number asap?loads of places are offereing the cup for around £11,500

teady172 - that dealers a t-wat if he wont budge on the ticket price, all dealers are open to some negotiation, they have margins in the price to do so, ie. mark the price up knowing the customer may beat them down, then the buyer walks off happy that hes got a cheaper car, everyones happy!! Theres not such a high demand for the cup that Renault dealers wont do some money off, if i were you id shop around abit.
  ff 182

Hi teady the phone number for Gravells is 01554 891338 i also spoke to Renault in cardiff and they said they can do it for cheaper,like Dan said shop around and you will find a good deal.

Cheers Pete
  Megane R26

Excellent Garage Gravells! Had a great trade in for me 16Valver and was loaned a Clio for a couple of months before the Cups started to arrive in UK (ordered June last year - the wait almost killed me!). :)