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Justifying clio-ness...

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Raised from a recent conversation with Neil (Freebone) and Cliohead's missus at the Airfield Meet yesterday:

We discussed the issue of how you raise the fact that you're into Clio's, and go to meets / trackdays on a regular basis, without making it sound geeky or chavvy.

We then reassured ourselves that we aren't either, but how do people discuss the topic to, say, someone who asks about it but doesn't know anything about it, or a relative stranger?
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well all my mates are into cars and do the same thing lol so i dont have to justify it at all


ClioSport Club Member
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There's nothing like self reassurance when your trying to convince yourself your not geeky , lol :)

Seriously though . It depends who your talking to . If its a person who hasn't got a clue or no real interest in cars then they may find it a bit sad / geeky .Then you tell them you've got a clio and they immediately think " girls car " try to explain its not a normal clio , its a Clio Sport with a 2.0l 16v engine , has 170+bhp , does 0-60 in under 7 secs then they really are going to think your a geek , so you can't win really .

I'd say enjoy what you do , meets , trackdays , your enthusiasm for your car and stuff the rest :)
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Lol, exactly. If you sound like a true enthusiast then you come across geeky (maybe we are!?!), if you say that you blasted down b-roads, shaking off supposedly 'better' cars then you sound like a chav.

It won't stop me doing what I enjoy, but was just the theme of the conversation we had at the time, when meeting new people (at the time it was with particular reference to meeting girls...).


ClioSport Club Member
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When i got the Cio,a lot of the lads mentioned "hairdressers car" or "tarts wagon".The easiest answer from me was.."go look up 172 sport on the net,and then come back and tell me its a birds car".That way,you aint quoting figures and sounding geeky but making them go look...:cool:
  Vectra :(
Always fall into one of those brackets. Sometimes its best to not mention it. Instead of saying "car meet with fellow owners in a car club" its always easier to say "pub with mates" :D
Its a bit like riding a fat bird, it can be great fun, but you dont necessarily want to shout about it.