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K-Tec Coilovers + Eibach Camber bolts


ClioSport Club Member
Can eibach camber bolts be used with k-tec coilovers?

I have read due to the way the coilovers have been modified to fit 182 cup bolt spacing you cant use camber bolts?

Just wanting to know so i dont waste the garages time (and my money!) on Monday.



ClioSport Club Member
  182 FFAT
as I remember K-tec coilies have built in camber adjustment. eibach camber bolts only work on shocks with round mounting holes


ClioSport Club Member
Crap, thats what i thought.

But they wont go anymore than standard camber :(

Scott S

ClioSport Club Member
  172 Flamer & ER-6F
If the K-Tec coilovers are the same as the Raceland ones (not looking to get that started again), then they will use bolts similar to the one in the below link.

The strut may still have a round hole, but will have a 'U' shaped slot for the bolt to go in. I took this 'U' shaped slot off my raceland struts so I could use the Eibach bolts.

Just noticed you mentioned the coilovers haing the cup bolt spacing. I have no idea how the bolt spacing has been modified, so can't comment on that part.
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