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k-tec dogbone engine mount fitted!


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172 rwd
the bushes work great!
shakes the car to bits when first started!lol
never misses a gear any more!;)
and soon to come im halfway through making a new passenger side mount as mine had shattered!!
.the new one is a bit smaller but constructed from grade 50 steel
.5mm thick!
.and still uses all the origanal holes and bolts!.
will upload pic when iv finish .may take orders depends on interest and how fast i can knock em out lol
  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
Replaced mine too mate, was very easy to do and i was very impressed with the results, i have the group n ecu which idle's a bit higher so i dont get the vibration through the car.

But do keep us posted on the engine mounts as renault ones are p
pi$$ poor

What do these do? any performance increase? How much are they?

tightens up the mounting of the engine. less engine slop, less movement in the stick. most report a slight increase in vibration through the cabin due to them been harder bushings.. theyre polyeurethene (sp?)
  Ph1 172 / Ph1 Valver
Thread revival for a vital question!!!! My bottom mounting has gone and I was going to change tomorrow. If this'll fit then I'll order one of thes and wait instead. It says on the site that they only fit clios with a twisted mounting. It's 10:20pm and I'm not crawling under the car, anyone know if a mk1 172 has the twisted mounting? Otherwise I've got to order a standard one first thing tomorrow AM. Thanking you oh knowlegable clio people............
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  Extreme mode
i'm pretty sure its only ph2 172's that have the twisted mount....... (my cup does)
  Ph1 172 / Ph1 Valver
s**t. I'm going to have to pay more for a standard (copy) piece then? Was looking forward to it feeling a bit tighter like I've been reading about. Would be nice to get a slightly quicker response and reduce the kick when lifting off the throttle. I don't remember it being twisted when I've been under there before. Doubt anyone's going to make an uprated bush for a mk1 now as there aren't many about compared to mk2 :S


ClioSport Club Member
you should be able to put a ph2 mount on it? my 1.2 16v never had the twisted mount, but i got a mk2 172 mount and it fits straight on, well did untill i hit a bump in the ground on a farm road and caught the mount and ripped it clean out teh gearbox, nasty