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Kangoo 182 Project

Was not sure if this was the right place to put up a thread for my current Kangoo 182 project but after brigsy put photos up of his Kangoo 172 Cup I thought I would share my build on here.

After seeing a few converted Kangoo’s I thought it would be fun to build one and ideal for moving parts to my storage unit from Clio’s that I break. So the search started for a lowish mile Clio 182 and a Non White Kangoo van, after a few months of searching I ended up buying these:


Full fat Clio 182 with 78k and a Silver Nissan Kubistar dci with 148k. The Kubistar is identical to the Kangoo but comes with air con, electric windows, fog lights and clear indicators on the head lights.

Over the past few months both were stripped and all unwanted parts were sold, here are some photos of the Kangoo having it tired dci engine removed.





Once the subframe, rack, steering column, hubs and struts were removed, the bay was given a quick clean ready for the Clio 182 parts to be fitted.
Then the Clio 182 subframe, wishbones, steering rack, steering column, servo with pedals, abs and brake lines, 4-2-1 manifold were fitted.



Whilst this was being done the engine was taken locally to have new cam belt, aux belt, water pump and dephaser fitted, all parts were genuine and purchased from RPD. Once back it was fitted in along with the 182 hubs, drive shafts and shocks.

I had the inlet manifold port matched and then had them painted along with the fuel rail guard, throttle body (was also matched to the inlet) and engine mount. These were then all fitted along with a silicone elbow for the filter box.

After managing to purchase a pair of new Brembo callipers on here, I ordered up some PMS brackets, Brembo 300mm Discs, braided lines and pads. I had a set of Turini’s from my last build so decided to fit these as would clear the brakes.

Thus is how the van is currently sitting, after a few chats with brigsy, I have purchased some Eibach front springs and camber bolts. Once I get time to fit these I will also lower the rear torsion bar to match.



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Looks in great nick. Hard to find a non white kangoo/kubistar ! Air con and electric windows will be good, if i were to do another one i would find one specced up the same.
The next step was to strip out the Kangoo seats and dash, remove all the Kangoo dash wiring. Once done I lined up the Clio dash loom, removed any wiring that would not be needed. I also fitted a PMS shifter as the Kangoo one was a cable type and not compatible with the Clio box.

I then refitted the Kangoo dash, alone with the Clio dials, stalks, squib etc, I also fitted my steering wheel boss. A pair on Corbeau Clubsports xl Seats we’re fitted using Jon Foz subframes along with some box section to make up the difference between the Kangoo and Clio floor pan.


Looks in great nick. Hard to find a non white kangoo/kubistar ! Air con and electric windows will be good, if i were to do another one i would find one specced up the same.

Was a decorators van so inside the back clean too, has some paint here and there, but should all clean off ok.

It’s a bit more work on the wiring side having the electric windows and AC, I have made a custom loom for the heating system, so hopefully the AC will work....


The Beardo

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  Kangoo 182
Aaarrrgggghhhh projects like this, make me want to sell the Clio rb182 and buy a kangoo and f4r turbo it! Good work
Over the past few weekends in between stripping out a 182 I am currently breaking I have managed to do a few more jobs on the van.

First up was to fit the brake lines and pad to the Brembo callipers, I also fitted a some Eibach camber bolts and springs.

Next up was to trial fit the rear discs and calipers from the 182, I also had some brake lines made up by Pro-Line. Then played about fitting the hand brake cabled from a 182, ended up using 2 of the longer ones, luckily had a few pairs lying around. Just waiting for the correct high tensile counter sunk screws to arrive as 1mm pitch

Then moved on to trying to adjust the rear beam , spent hours trying to remove the torsion bars with all methods (cheers Brigsy) but nothing worked! So bit the bullet and ordered a reconditioned beam from IM Axles. Few days later this arrived...

Unwrapped it to find out that IM weld over the holes on the torsion bar where you pull them out from! I managed to drift the bars out by using one side to push the other out and the pull that one back through. Came out easy as had copper slip on, result!
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Quick measurement on the old beam, then complete beam removed.

New beam fitted and torsion bar left out for setting up. Calliper and brake discs were then refitted to new beam and height set.

Wheels back on and van finally back on the floor, playing with rear spacers, purchased 10mm & 20mm, these photos are with 20mm but think tyres will rub arches slightly so have now ordered a pair of 15mm to try.

Happy with how van now sits, rear may need to come down a bit more but will adjust once it has been on the toad for a few weeks to see how it rides and settles.

Also fitted some new badges...


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Looks great. Did the pms shifter go straight in? Thats the next mod planned for mine as my gearshifter/linkage is awful.


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Love this, looks brilliant. Think I would have the dash/door cards flocked to match the seats but it's epic generally. I would have been tempted to leave it badged as a Nissan, just to confuse people even more.
Love this, looks brilliant. Think I would have the dash/door cards flocked to match the seats but it's epic generally. I would have been tempted to leave it badged as a Nissan, just to confuse people even more.

Totally agree about flocking the dash and door cards, I have purchased a electro static flock tool and all the stuff to do it, just wanted to get the van up and running and then can do the flocking over a weekend as dash comes out easy.

Did think about leaving as a Nissan at first but then things escalated... ?

Here are some photos of the dash now as have now managed to modify a Clio column cowling to fit, fitted some JBL speakers as no speakers in door cards so wanted something better than stock. Also fitting a mech less Bluetooth headunit that was in one of the Clios I broke recently and purchased a connects lead kit so Stalk Control will work.
And finally fitted a Sabelt Renaultsport Steering Wheel, boss with lugs and Stalk with horn button.
This build looked like it all just bolted in ! Like renault planned for this to happen

They should have sold them from the factory like this .
So the next major part of the project has been done, the exhaust, originally I purchased a used k-tec 172 stealth system that I was going to adjust to fit. Then decided to go down the custom route, so sold the K-etc system.

I spoke to a few companies, the quotes varied from £400 to £1000, the top end was by a company who make very nice systems but I could not justify the money for this project.

I booked it in with one of the cheaper quotes, then got messed about over a period of 3 weeks and price kept rising and they could not confirm if the system would sound how I wanted and if they could fit 2.5” pipework over the beam.

So gave up on the custom route, phoned Nick at Pure Motorsport, and the next day this arrived...

A shiny PMS 172 stealth system, over the last 2 weekends I set about cutting it up and adding bends to make it fit the Kangoo as back box needed to fit on the opposite side to the 172. I also purchased a Milltek 182 decat pipe to fit between this and the 182 manifold.

So as you can see I managed to stay at 2.5” over the beam, I used jubilee clips to hold in place so could adjust easily, then took system off and to to some local fabricators I know and they tak welded it all for me.
Then re fitted the system to make sure all fitted and cleared then back to them for welding fully.


This is the final system all welded up with the decat in place. Last job was to make new mountings for the back box as I did not want to change the ones on the box and the PMS system used an extra mount over the Kangoo.

Managed to use a combination of mounts that were readily available incase need to replace if split, system is all on but forgot to take photos.

Whist van was in the air I also swapped out the fuel tank for one from a petrol Kangoo so has correct venting now, fitted the 182 sender after modifying the float to work in the Kangoo tank. I ran a new fuel line from sender to front joint and also used the 182 vent to tank pipe work from the carbon canister.


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  Ph1 172 & 172 Cup
Keep getting better, makes me want a kangoo ? loved my PMS exhaust on the cup, sure you won't be disappointed ?
Keep getting better, makes me want a kangoo ? loved my PMS exhaust on the cup, sure you won't be disappointed ?

Cheers, it’s taking longer to finish that I hoped but limited time and wanting it right have delayed it but it’s almost there now.

I had a PMS system on my 182 cup and loved the sound so hopefully this will be similar.
Managed to get some time to work on the van yesterday to finish a few of the little jobs, first up was to fin the 1mm thread countersunk screws for my rear disc conversion, struggled toscource these due to the fine thread but Mark Fish came to the rescue.

Then reassemble rear disc and callipers and proceeded to bleed the brake system, only to have a massive fail due to a buggered master cylinder! Luckily I has a spare and got that swapped over and then all went ok.

Last up was to sort out why I could not select reverse with the PMS shifter, after some comparison with a Clio I worked out that the tunnel on the Kangoo is higher and was causing the linkage rod to hit the subframe. So ended up dropping the selector assembly by approx 20mm using some spacers and can now get reverse.


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Exhaust looks great, its not an easy task getting it to fit over the beam. Ive just got a PMS shifter for mine best get some spacers ready?