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Kit’s New Ph1 172

Ever since selling my old Ph1 I’ve always sorted wanted another. Managed to get enough funds and I’m happy with the condition and level my BMW E34 535i is at I need something else to occupy my time/ruin my life. So I’ve bought another Ph1. It’s nothing “special” as such at the moment, but that is why it wasn’t mega money. Managed to give a clean but wouldn’t mind giving it a proper polish with the DA.


I’m pretty happy with it. Although it does need some love and attention to make it look like new again. It’s booked in for a cam belt, dephaser and water pump change and they are going to sort the windows out at the same time - passenger one the regulator is broken and the drivers side motor I think is burnt out.

This one is not going to be stripped out, just going to keep it looking standard and use it as a daily when my M140i goes back. It needs all the usual Ph1 things, like centre vent, steering wheel, driver’s seat and the seat belt clips on the rear bench.
The one job I have done so far is clean the rear out, looks good now

Also looked behind the rear door cards and it all looks solid as they get now (was better than my old one tbh!), but I have put some Kurust down there and top coat of Hammerite.
The job list is:
  • Cam belt etc change
  • New wheels and tyres - have seen a set of Williams wheels I am tempted with
  • New exhaust
  • New discs and pads front and rear and bleed the brakes
  • Oil change
  • New spark plugs, coil pack, HT leads
  • Paint all plastic so it is all black again
  • New wipers and headlight bulbs
  • Paint engine parts and general tidy up of engine bay
  • Give inside a good clean, de sticky the centre console and paint door grab handles
  • New steering wheel
  • Sort out front seats - tempted to put two buckets in
  • Paint bumper and mirror caps
  • Possibly put new coil overs on - I need to check but have been told it has cup dampers and Eibach springs
  • Power flex bushes


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  clio 197
They're definitely the rear headrests for ph1's, they do look like front headrests though, i must admit.

happy to see this is getting the love it deserves, was a shame it sitting in a garage not doing anything, I do miss it already though.

definitely has cup dampers and eibach springs, and in regards to powerflex, if has purple outer anti roll bar bushes and purple dogbone mount, think that's it though,

Can't wait to see this when all the jobs are done on it and looking how a ph1 is meant to look.
Amazing, didn’t realise about the anti roll bar bushes, but I haven’t looked. With the damper and springs it means I can leave that for a bit and not worry about it. Don’t worry it will end up looking the part, not going to let this go to scrap


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  PH1 172, E39
Good Afternoon
What are the OEM part numbers for the coil pack, HT leads and the spark plugs?

Thanks in advance.
Good Afternoon
What are the OEM part numbers for the coil pack, HT leads and the spark plugs?

Thanks in advance.
No idea sorry. Not looked at ones ones to get. I have previously bought a non-genuine coil pack from Euro Car Parts that was just totally wrong and wouldn't fit as the mounting points were different and the electrical plug was the wrong shape. This was despite it being a "for that car" according th ECP and the only one they do - not the first time I have fallen foul of Renault's random parts bin on a Clio. I ended up getting a genuine one. I will also be putting on red Magnecore HT leads, like I have done to a previous one in the past. Can't remeber what park plugs, NGK ones I think that I got from Geroege at RTR sports when I bought some brake discs.


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  172 PH1
Sounds like a good little project! Williams wheels will be a great addition for sure (y)
Sounds like a good little project! Williams wheels will be a great addition for sure (y)
Thanks. Williams wheels were sold before I could message. Was also too late on a set of OZ F1's too. Then there was a dodgey add for another set of F1's on Facebook that I had to avoid. Weirdly I am tempted to get a set of Ph2 172 wheels for the time being. I quite like them and will be perfect in the mean time


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  172 PH1
There is a set on PH1 owners page still (not showing sold yet). Think there are in Shaftsbury or Salisbury :p
I am not renewing my membership yet so I don't waste my money on spare parts and upgrades that are not needed at this stage! It is to force me to do other jobs on it to make it mechancially sound first.
But I saw those on Facebook the weekend and they are not on there anymore so assumed they have sold
Some jobs ticked off the list.
Cambelt, dephaser, water pump and aux belt changed by thte local specialist. They also fixed the windows - after looking at how to do it I was not in the mood for having an argument with the mechanisms so left it to them! Garage I used was the old Renault dealer in Gloucester, the owner was very pleased that I am doing the right thing and saving it and putting it back to standard and making it look how it should.

Managed to source a set of 5 original OZ F1's for it including all matching Michelin tyres. They need a refurb but I think I am just going to paint them silver for the time being as they will be acceptable then look at a full refurb at a later date. Just need to get some centre caps - eying up the 3D printed ones on eBay.

As with all cars I own I have refreshed all plastics too - side strips, wiper arms and wiper scuttle. They have all now been painted black. Always find these little jobs make such a big difference to the overal appearance, gives it that fresh look. Also put some new Bosch Aerotwin blades on. Fitted a pair of Citroen C3 mist washer jets as per my old Ph1. However I remember them getting to the driver's eye line, these don't. Not sure why that is.

Gave the headlights a restore with the 3M kit. Came up a right treat.



After, along with a new fog lamp unit:


Was nice working in the garage and having room! When the E34 is in it there is no room to do anything.

Now I need to start spending money on it as I have done all the cheaper/free jobs. Next month I am going to put new front and rear discs and pads on.
Next stages of work done on the Clio.
Panited the wheels. They easily pass the 10ft test. They will be properly refurbished at a later date, would rather spend the money on something else at the time being. Just need to get some centre caps and then the wheels ballanced up, fitted and tracking done. There is a lot of paint and lacquer on them, not making the same mistake as last time when I didn't get enough paint on them and brake dust eventually ruined it. Also coated in GTechniq C5.

A little throw back to my old Ph1 and painted the "2.0 16v" on the door strips orange.

Interior door handles were painted silver. Managed to do the centre console too in the same colour.

The passenger centre vent was broken and I took it out. Not going to replace it but going to blank it off and mount a phone holder on there.

Changed the front discs and pads. What a faff that turned out to be. Got the car in my garage which turned out to be a good call as I needed to leave it for a few days. Driver's side was fine, no issues with that. Passenger was a bit tricker. Got it all apart, putting it back together couldn't get the calliper onto the carrier. Forgot to push the slider pins. Turns out one was seized. Took it all apart again. Hit it with a hammer, heated it up and nothing. None in stock from GSF or ECP. GSF gave me a part number. Found one on Amazon that I could use Prime delivery on to arrive quick. Even said it would fit the car. Turned up and totally wrong - wouldn't clear the disc and the mounting points were all wrong. Ended up getting a genuine one from the garage that changed the cam belt. So a job that was meant to take an hour or so ended up 5 days while I was waiting for parts. Oh well. A little bit annoying as if I had known this I would have been prepared to paint the engine parts while it was in my garage.
Went for Brembo HC Discs and Brembo pads bought from RTR sports. Another little throw back to my old ph1 and painted the callipers orange. Not to everyone's liking but it is a bit of fun. I will probably end up putting 4 pots on it at some point in the future.

Not sure what I want to do next. I know I need to change the rear discs and pads so that could be it along with bleeding the brakes

Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
nice bit of progress, any up close pics of the painted scuttle etc? always wondered about painting mine but worried it'll look exactly like that, painted. which I don't want it needs to still look plastic finish
Nice to see another being saved. Would still love a nice phase 1.
Giving myself two years to do most of it then I can use it as a daily when my M140i goes back. Things that need doing are exhaust, new spark plugs, coil pack, HT leads, paint engine parts, new heat shield, gear shifter, new front seats and get the bonnet, front bumper and mirrors painted. Might do things like wheel bearings, track rod ends and ball joints. Would love to take the sub frame, rear beam etc off and get that all powder coated but I don't think it is needed yet.

@Coops Mk1 I used black satin spray paint from Halfords. Doing all the plastic makes a difference but i don't think it is too obvious, if you did a bit of it then I think it would stand out.

I do find it a bit odd that the door strips are not black, but a blue colour where the badges in them and the rest of the plastic is black.
Need to investigate a horrible noise I get on full lock, noticed it parking it earlier. Only does it on full right hand down, I think - soon as you take it off max lock it stops. Makes the noise when hardly moving/not moving. It's not like a continual noise and not consistent. I thought I hit somethine first time I heard it. Either steering rack, power steering pump or drive shaft? When putting receipts away in its folder I did notice one from 2015 suggesting to replace a drive shaft, which make me think it could be that, but makes no sense if the car isn't moving. Hmmm. Any suggestions on how to check those three things? If something is broken I would prefer driver's side drive shaft as it is the cheapest and easiest to replace.
Got some time on the Ph1 today.
Standard wheels fitted and tracking done. No wonder it was awful to drive it had nearly 2deg toe out. So much better now and it actually driveable. Looks so much better too than the ones I took off. Just need to get some centre caps to finish it off, also might get some studs too.


Need to sort out the ride height as some how it is in 4x4 spec!
"Fixed" the oil leak that was an advisorary on the last MoT Test.....fitted an undertray.

Cleaned my seat bets too. They came out really good. No pictures of after though, but they were pretty grim. Just need to do the rears.


Sourced a spare wheel jack kit thing too.

Put my other registration on too. Ever since having my E34 I have not been able to use both my number plates as it is too old. Dug out the old plates I removed from my old vRS and they were in good knick so transferred it over.

Also gave it a bit of a clean inside and out. Need to get some mats for it too, might have to settle for non-genuine mats for the time being.
Now that it is nice to drive after the tracking being done I might use it a bit more, but I need to sort the exhaust out as the back box hits the chassis as it is the wrong one and also paint the mirrors.

Next job is to do the rear brakes.