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liverpool victoria insurance.. top class

just thought i would post and recomend them big time, been ringing around today and been gettin quotes on my modified RT for between £2500 and £6000 , my day was drawing to a crappy end and i did a search on here for insurnace and found liverpool victorias number in a thread

i gave em a ring and ive just signed up for £870 fully comp all mods declared, ok the excess is a little excessive at about 300£ but for a 20yr old driving a fully modified car i cant really grumble.


Well they were crap for me, did a quick quote with them for my completely standard valver 3years ncb 20 y/o and it said 800-900 fully comp, and when i phoned them up they said they couldnt quote me. That quick quote think is crap, they did that for my uno turbo two, muppets. Thye must only be good for modded cars as opposed to quick ones?


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

well no, cos they wouldnt quote me either and mines got a few mods. It seems a little strange that some people get a good deal from the likes of Tesco and Lpool Victoria, and basically i didnt. So had little option but to stick with Flux.

in my second year with liverpool victoia - in my second year insurance i was on a 1l micra with 3pts (1yr ful licence, 18yrs old), got 3rd party for £550!

This year, 1400RT,3pts,alloys,2 incedents,...1150 3rd party. the cheapest around!

I think these guys are the same as frizzel, - when they answered the phone the gave both names... anyway my best quote was £980

Im 19, 1 years NCB on a 1.4 RT with alloys and cat back powerflow system.

They quoted me £660 TPFT, i almost fell off my chair - I was almost frightned to check they had heard my age and mods...

Needless to say think Ill be calling back on Monday to take it.... will also make saving for my next car a little easier.