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Liverpool - Victoria...

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Whats goin on with them?!?! Got quoted 850-1000 for the Williams, rang em up and they said they cant insure me... I messed around with other quotes, and it gave me £741.26 - £921.66 for an Escort Cossie.... Obv theyre not gonna give it to me though...

does liverpool-victoria do on-line quotes? been on the website but all i can find is on-line quotes from different companies
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i said this a while ago, they quoted me £1200-£1500 for a 172, i then phoned them up and they said they wouldnt insure me, so i told them what the website said (£1200-£1500), and they said it was because i am 21 and the car is group 16, i said well what is the point in the website quote then? and they got in a bit of a huff so i said goodbye and went to tesco for the insurance instead.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

they have always been fine with me, and your the first person i know who hasnt got a quote in the region quoted by the website
  Clio Gtt

they are very good for me, i know its only a 1.2
buti played around with te exess and im now payin 590 fully comp 18 year old with all mods declared

anoter good point is that they only charge an extra 4% for engine mods whether its a filter or a gt turbo lump
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea, they will cover engine conversions so thats another reason why ive gone with em

LV saved me 300 quid on my renewal
Tescos were well out of it (nearly 500 quid difference) and direct line were 300 quid off (who i was with before) so they get the vote off me but i would call them rather than use the on line quote (and the fact they only insure over 30s on my type of car, in most cases )