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Losing Coolant!

  Black Clio 172
Hi there - I am currently losing coolant. I haven't been able to find the problem yet due to the heavy rain in my neck of the woods. I think it is coming from near the engine oil sump plug or towards the aux belt area. I am really worried it is going to cost a fortune to fix. I have read it could be the thermostatic housing or waterpump?

If it is the water pump would I need to change the aux belt and/or cambelt?

Some reassurance would be great as I have only had the car a month and have already spent £70 on a new windscreen!
  Mondeo TDCI 130
It will be the water pump i would have thought pal, situated just above the subframe on the driver's side.

Water pump required, new aux belt, or aux belt kit dependant on if it has ever been done!
  Black Clio 172
What is the going rate for that kind of work? The cambelt was done only a year or two ago and although there is no evidence that the aux belt was changed what kind of mechanic wortht their salt would put an old belt back on?


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Nothing to do with the belt not being changed, if the pump has broke the belt has to come off.
  Black Clio 172
Cant you just replace the pump gasket if that is the problem? Surely if the pump had gone i would know about it quickly?
  Mondeo TDCI 130
No it will be the pump leaking, once they get a small bit of wear in the bearings / shaft they dribble.

Top of my head, £250, new water pump, aux belt kit, fitted with coolant, bled etc etc.

Lose about £130 if you dont want an aux belt kit, they are £116 plus VT renault retail.

A belt on its own is about £18.
  Black Clio 172
I could live with that as a result to be honest as I was planning to change aux belt and tensioners in the spring. Lets just hope the garage im going to is able to do it for that price!
  Mondeo TDCI 130
My advise aswell pal, make sure they fit a genuine pump, i have had bad experiences with non genuine ones in the past! They are about £60 :)
  Black Clio 172
I feared the dreaded headgasket so anything other than that im happy with! fingers crossed.

Thanks mate you are a legend.
  Black Clio 172
It is the water pump! had it diagnosed. It is off to the garage that gave a warranty tomorrow. Fingers crossed the warranty covers the whole lot!
  182 ff
my water pump went last year so i got everything done both belts, new headlight ,suspension fixed, new bumper, full service and 2 new rear shocks lol 1700 pounds later lol
  Black Clio 172
Car is in overnight so i got the peasant wagon home (not impressed). The last car that left me in that position went to the crusher!

Why is it that when you have spare money nothing goes wrong with cars but when you are skint and xmas is round the corner everything goes wrong?
  Black Clio 172
Waterpump replaced and all is well so far! thank god i noticed the coolant loss before it was too late. It only cost me £70 for the excess labour in the end!