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Low Clio Values, Why

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I dont know if any 16v owners have noticed but if you use those on-line used car valuation calculators, they give you a VERY LOW valuation.

For instance; my 95N 16v, bought off a family friend just after Christmas for £4000. FSH 72k, MINT condition.

However 2 of these on-line calculators have give me figures off just over £3000.

Looked on Auto-trader and there was a 90k L 16v and a 110k M for £4000. Why do the valuators give us 16v owners low figures, or is it every used car and will i be able to sell mine in the summer for at least over £3500? Cheers.
  Clio 197

cos its all base dupon averages i.e average condition car,average miles i.e 100k, average condition inside , as you say your car is mint which obviously pushes th eprice up...its just to try and account for th e average person mate,dont take em too seriously!

Doest matter what you value your car at really as the insurance companies will only pay book value. I had a mint low milage MR2 , all original and with all books, infact every receipt etc from new. Ii got 1700 for it when it was written off even though I would have to paid 2600 to replace it with another.

Personaly I would ratherpay a bit over the book for a good example.

These price guides are always crap. They dont take into consideration of fashion.

for example. Wheni brought a Nova SR i paid a little under £1500 (sound a lot for a nova) around this time most good SRs where just under the 2k mark. But the price guide says they where worth £600 if mint.

Thats crap!! The prices of the nova where so high as they where in demand. Every 27 yr old wanted one because of the perfomance and low insurance group and so the prices where high.

The best price guide to go by is Autotrader. Simply look at what similar cars are going for. Whatever price ever1 else is selling for is the true market value!

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah the market does dictate what price they will go for. Plus what you must remember is that unlike nowadays where the poshest model of a car is usually the sportiest and just as easy to drive as all the other lower models, the valver was not just a top of the line Clio of the time. You dont get peoples mums wanting a valver over a 1.4 RT because a valver is not exactly an easy driving shopping car. So there is a limited market for valvers hence a weird price. You can find smaller engined Clios for a similar price to valvers because they are more in demand from the general public.