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lowering mk1 rt 1.4 energy

Could you send me it please :) i no how to lower the torstion bar but dont its kinda a guessing game with how lower i am doing it
  Punto Evo Abarth
if anyones intrested i have some brand new never fitted apex 60mm springs shocks and dampers for a 97 mk1 1.4 rt.

pm me if your intrested.
  Fiesta ST
damystics said:
does anybody no how much it is in a garage tho

I was quoted around £150 just to do the torsion bar.... and you know what I said ;)

Seriously, doing it yourself is such a better idea as you learn and gain confidence. It's not THAT hard at all. I did mine with my dad, took about 1-2hr to get it right, then I went and helped my mate and we did it in 45min! :D

It does help though to spray some Penetrating/WD40 spray onto the splines a good week before hand (like twice a day) as it'll make the bar come out so much easier. :) Tools you need on the day...

Torsion Bar Tool (Home made)
Torque spanner ratchet thingy
Tape Measure

That's it!

^ Torsion Bar Guide