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lumpy idle/slight hunting since cambelt change

  182/Bora V5/S1 RS Turbo
Did the cambelt last week and since then the cars idle is worse than its ever been and its never been 100% to be honest. Starts fine revs fine then idles great for 10 or so seconds then starts to hunt slightly. Ive re checked the timing and the pin and the cam plate locks straight in no probs. checked for air leaks and bad connections-all ok. Ive used Bosch KTS and re set adaption values on ECU and at first it did seem better but now i dont think it is-its worse at some junctions than others.No faults stored or anything. Im beggining to think throttle body but i didnt dis connect it or even tilt it when i removed it and i tied it up against the bulkhead in an upright position when locking the cams. The battery has been off of course.Any ideas? Is there a better was to re set the learnt values of the throttle. No loss in pulling away but has got a bit of a flat spot on very light throttle too. It has to be the throttle body me thinks but open to suggestions
  172 ff
hi mate mine idol like s**t changed belts still ran like s**t changed coil pack cleaned throttle body still idol like s**t so i just live with it now,its the only prob i have got to be fair
  clio sport 182 2005
did you ever solve this problem as i think ive done the same as you, whatever that is lol ...................................................