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MG ZR - Vs - Clio 16v

not sure what model it was, but i just pissed one of these ZRs today on the A13 (first time up against a ZR) really surprised myself how easy i was pulling away from the him.. (he was 2 up however) anyway.. all was going good watching him descend in my rear mirror until he decided to cut up traffic and undertake me...

Dont know about you lot, however if someone has to cut up traffic and undertake you just to get in front, they have already lost the race in my view, and are just making themselves look even more silly... why not sit back, wait for a clear road and for the car to pull into the left lane *THEN* try and take the opportunity in overtaking if you have the power!? evidently he figured he wasnt going to win, so decided to cheat.

Clio 16v 1 - Rover ZR sh*tter 0

Some specs incase anyone wants to take a look (like i said not sure what model it was)

ZR 105

ZR 120

ZR 120 Stepspeed


ZR 160







30-50mph (4th)






50-70mph (4th)






80-120km/h (4th)






Top Speed





  silver valver/hybrid

my bro has a zr 120 and in first and second it was pretty evenly matched, but my bro said if we had gone at a higher speed i would have definately left him behind. remember there is a 1.4 zr too, dont know the specs on that one though.


we didnt start going until about 60, started to slow down for traffic at about 100.. i dont think it was a 1.4, as he did put up a little fight to begin with, so much so im sure it wasnt a 1.4... then again i dont know that for sure...

anyone know how they corner?

I had a 3hour test drive in a ZR coz I couldnt decide between that and the 172, found it to be very good overall, but not outstanding. It was quite slow compaired to the 172 and didnt handle very well. Theres a bloke near me who has a modded ZR and he loves it, it has MG graphics and looks the biz.

The ZS180 is compleatly different from the ZR, my hubby has a ZS and although it matches the 172 from a stand still the 172 struggles to keep up once higher speeds are reached (sure theres another way of putting that, but you know what I mean) or it could be that I am just more chicken than him!!!

The handling on the ZS is fantastic only problem is that it attracts idiots in Astras who wanna kill themselves trying to race....

Quote: Originally posted by rockport on 02 March 2003


we didnt start going until about 60, started to slow down for traffic at about 100.. i dont think it was a 1.4, as he did put up a little fight to begin with, so much so im sure it wasnt a 1.4... then again i dont know that for sure...

anyone know how they corner?
The one I test drove was b***ocks at cornering on country lanes, bounced all over the place!!!! That was the main reason I didnt want it

Mat Brown and I roasted a ZR 160 on the way back from the massive Southend meet last summer. It was definitely a ZR 160 as I ripped past it at a very naughty speed and was then disappointed as I didnt pull more than five cars lead on him - because I got to my top speed! At that point, Mat Brown rips past both of us...I was already showing over *30mph on my clock. :oops:

Id have thought a standard 16v would make a very good match - remembering that the ZR160 also has a torque disadvantage at lower revs.
  Clio 200 FF

i had a zr160 when they first came out, sideskirts kept falling off (they were stuck on with double sided tape), more rattles than mothercare and oil leaks from the head.

That was one of the worst cars ive ever had, never buy another

i dont think it was a 160 to be truthful, as like you say Ben, my valver is totally STD (139.4 HP @ Fly) and i seemed to pull away nicely. I sometimes try and avoid going up against cars with equal performance, Ie VTSs, Pug 1.9 GTIs Fiesta RSTs Ibiza GTI/Ts as things can up dangerous on public roads... :oops:
  Clio 200 FF

The only way you can tell a 160 visually is by the twin tailpipe as 105 and 120 models can be ordered with the skirts and 17s from the factory.
  VW Transporter 174


Rocky gets all excited at slaying a ZR and it probably was only a 1.4:DWhat colour was it? Theres a grey one tooling around with a 160 badge on the back and its only a 1.4 .

One things for sure Rocky,if i ever see you on the A13 , ill skin you alive . ;)

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah but no-ones seen you for a while now, you been keeping a low profile ever since that sighting in your big old motorboat ploughing up the standing water down the A13 that time!
  VW Transporter 174

Talking of low profiles,whats happened to Yogi? I see him the other night at the lights at raweth but hes kept an even lower profile than me since that day ;) .Anyway Nick im keeping a eye on your Clio developments as i feel you will offer me a little bit of competition this summer,but ill have a strategy for dealing with that when the time comes:D

  BMW 320d Sport

LOL Im gonna love to see what youre strategy is, slayer! Still, I will definitely want a race around Essex sometime soon, you know where I am when youre ready.

Am I the only person that still doesnt know what the-slaymaster-general performs his slaying in? Somebody put me out of my misery please!!! :confused: