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Midlands Breakfast Club Sunday 7th Feb

  BMW E92/Audi S3
We're going. Anyone from Birmingham want to meet at 7:00 @ Bronx Estate, feel free to tag along.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
What sort of metal normally shows up? Can't view the site, I'm on the phone without 3g:(.
it varies hugely

one week youll get things like f430 scuderia the next it will be full of fiat 20v turbos altho theres usually atleast 4-5 tasty cars there

and its not as good since they moved it from inbetween the hangers and put it on the grass!


I quite fancy going, but I also fancy staying in bed all Sunday morning. I'll see how I feel.
  Clio 197 + Mrk 3 DCI
Its the first one of 2010, so hopefully it will be a good turn out. Im quite tired of all the fiat turbos though..... lol
Would be great to see a more Renault sports !!
  Clio 197 + Mrk 3 DCI
Was a good turn out of cars! Sorry i didnt meet any of you. Did look out for you Ste but you were never by your car. I was parked next to you howerver