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Mini Mini Meet (a few pics)

  RB One Eight Two
Last Friday I met up with Jordi17 and Impey as I weren't doing anything. Two top guys, we must organise a bigger meet next time. Anyway here are only a couple of pics as it was bl**dy freezing!








For some reason it looks as if my rear lights are tinted in this shot, they arn't lol



ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Jordi loves Andy Carroll. He'll be along shortly to call me a prick.
  GW 200T
couldnt be botherd to clean it if im honist and it was really a last min meet, i know i let the side down
  RB One Eight Two
Cheers chaps. Yeah Impey let the side down lol, you should see mine now, it looks like it has been round a rally track, no joke. Back roads in the wet are a nightmare!

Jordi - I will send the higher versions over tomorrow night for you pal.
  RB One Eight Two
Good stuff boys. If the weather next weekend is looking good, I'm up for a Sunday meet...
  BG 182
That RB looks so tidy... the reflection off that paintowkr is amazing.. top job matey..

Wish they made a gun metal grey 182...