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Mk1 Suspension options (1.2 Phase 3)

  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
Well i need to lower/slam my motor ASAP!

Its on 17s at the minute, but i am due to pick up some 16" 172 soon.

Want to lower it a noticable amount. Looking through K-tec website i found these:

Will 35mm be noticable on 16s? Just want the perfect drop, nothing slammed and scrapping the floor lol

This is how it looks on 17s:


Will the 35mm drop from K tec be good enough and what other options are there?


And i cant be bother with comments about saving money etc. :nono:
might as well go for a bigger drop.

DOn't forget what is claimed and what you get and what they sink to are all different.

IMO get some eiback springs if your not willing to spend any money on a good decinet kit,
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
I've only seen eibach drop them 30/35mm.

What options are there available with a bigger drop?
  ITB'd MK1
172 wheels make a mk1 handle like a sack TBH. Bex had them on her rsi a couple of years back. rubbed like buggery as well IIRC. 15s are the way forward and drop it HARD
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
I'm running 17s with no rubbing. I'll give the 172s a go. If not i can sell them as i also have a set of RSi wheels which are also 16"s.

Not rich enough for Coilies and cant find fitment for my car :p and cut springs? ..thanks for the help!

I have 35mm G Max springs but might sell them and get 55mm. Are they decent springs?

How are P.I springs? i have heard they are quite hard and stiff with bigger cars (i.e. BMWs etc)

Cheers and sorry for the noob questions.