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Monaco 172 Track Car

Gonna buy a steamer (or try and see if I can get work to buy one) and steam clean absolutely everything with Dettol. I've got a 197 steering wheel to fit @0ss but I still need that 4mm spacer. I got a Meg 250 wheel for the Megane so I might bang the 200 wheel in the Clio and re-dye the stitching to blue from yellow
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Decided to give the Monaco some love as I'm using it daily now since the Megane decided it doesn't like its main shaft bearings anymore.

Slapped in a new cabin filter, I couldn't remember if I'd ever done one on this one but I had one in the garage spare so there was no harm in throwing it in


Unplugged the headlight washer pump as it was still trying to pump when I had my headlights on and I had the tubes linked together. Hopefully now it wont blow itself up


While I was under there I noticed the bay was rather dirty..


I was gonna clean it but then just thought to myself that it's only going to get bad again after 20 seconds so what's the point

I've forgotten how ace it is to drive an asbo spec car every day. Especially when some dole dosser tried to race me in a Vectra with a fat bird in the back seat, see ya later c**t. Its ace for shopping too, no back seats so theres nothing that wont fit. Including a 6ft3" Christmas tree😂

Went from Leeds to Silverstone in it the other week for my works Christmas party and it nailed 38.7mpg sat at 80mph all the way. The Megane would have only done 45mpg so it's not as if I'm spending more money using this everyday either. It's just my back and my knee that's taking a f**king battering!
Because the car had so much mould in it and smelled like a gypos nutsack I bought a steam cleaner and blitzed the whole thing! Karcher SC2 filled with a Dettol and water mix

Everything came out feeling and looking like new! (Apart from the steering wheel and gearknob because they're just worn to f**k)

Pics of the lovely, clean and fresh car


Just a reminder of what the steering wheel looked like before


I also fitted a new bonnet as the old one was as wrinkled as an 85 year old mans coin purse


Next job will be to take the skirts off and give em a good clean behind. Can anyone remind me what size head rivets I need? @0ss?

Ta for reading
Jet washed the car off earlier because I dont want road salt eating away at all my painted parts

Unfortunately I got water in the engine bay after spraying the underside of the bonnet. It drove fine at first, then I parked it up for a few hours at work, came out to it and it was sputtering like f**k. Drove all the way home with it kangarooing like f**k

Got home and stripped it down and there was an amount of water in the first hole around the spark plug😑 Dried it all out with bluroll and now it drives spot on again.


My mrs held the torch for me, definitely baby Yoda-esque. I wont make the spastic mistake again without covering the engine

It earnt its keep by collecting a new gearbox for the Megane though

The perfect gearbox transport vehicle


Megane box is off for a rebuild and a 250 LSD. The JC5 130 apparently only has 60k on it but it's getting a health check, new synchros and seals throughout for peace of mind.

Carrying them PK boxes on my own was a f**king hassle. Cant reverse the car up to the garage because theres 2 meganes in the way😂
Came out to the car this morning. Stuck the heaters on, wasn't de-misting as fast I wanted (I wanted to get home to bed after being awake for 19 hours) so I cranked it onto max and then they just stopped altogether... f**k

So I messed about looking at fuses and wiggling connections... Then the car wouldn't start... Bigger f**k!

Stood in the rain messing about for 30 mins like a f**king plank, taking battery terminals off and cleaning everything, wiggling and cleaning off all the bay fuses and the glovebox fuses, still nothing. So then I gave the white plug in the bay another wiggle (I'd done this 3 times before) and the throttle body clacked into life and relays started a'clicking!

Bingo, started as if nothing had happened. f**king French white flag waiving f**k. Now just the issue of the heater still not working so looks like a new resistor will be needed!
1) My mrs is livid

2) nope it's too good to break

3) nope, I got it through a lad on here

Titanium 182 Cup packed on 69k, 2 keys and not sure in how many owners. Needs a few things addressing but it will look a lot better when I've had chance to get my hands on it. Drives lovely and smooth for a standard car! Almost feels as good as my 172
As with any Clio that hasn't had this mod done... they leak like a sieve

So I cummed on the grommets next to the rear lights to stop a pond filling my car


Then fitted a rear boot mat I got from @colesy

Really need to pull my finger out and get s**t sorted with the car. List of things to do is as follows

Screenshot_20200322-193847_Samsung Notes.jpg

Theres no doubt I've forgotten something so the list will only grow more