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Morning all

Hello im new - be gentle;)

im considering purchasing a Clio 16v or RSi as my Escort no longer gives me the performance i require.....

but im not sure the RSi will be quick enough i understand its about 8.9 ecs to 60 and produces 110bhp from a 1.8 litre 8 valve - is this correct???

woudnt mind a few links to some sorted Clios too:)

cheers chaps
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Hi Phil,

the 1.8 8v engine was a general purpose unit used in loads of Renaults. It give pretty strong performance in a Clio as its such a small car. The 1.8 16v is a totally different kettle of fish - a specialised engine used in the 19 and the Clio, subsequently developed into a 2.0 150bhp unit for the Clio Williams.

Get a 1.8 16v, or a Williams if you can find one - you wont be disappointed!

Get a 16v mate, they are superb all round cars, they have got a one of look with the bulging bonnet and then loads of power to play with under the right foot.

im sure the valver would be very good - my bro has a GTE 16v and that is fast - the Clio should be very similar in performance - the only thing is the fact that the 16v is so much more expensive than the RSi - and with the twin 45s the RSi should pull very well anyway:devilish:

im from Woking in Surrey mate - you?

the 16v is a group 12 is it? i know the RSi is 11 thats pretty good considering the performance.....

im from southampton.... yeah for the isurance difference u may as well get a valver, ive raced a rsi and absoloutly left it for dead!! the xtra valves make a big difference!!

The 16-Valve is not just an RSi with a different head on the engine, like the Mk2 Golf GTi duo. Its a very different car, sharing only the boot, roof and doors externally.

Clio 16v was the hard core hot hatch of the 1990s. Williams was a limited edition developed from the 16v - used a 2.0 bottom end for 13bhp more and a far more linear torque delivery, as well as selected suspension mods.

16v is also one of the best looking hatches out of the box - has proper wide arches (not bolt on), that bonnet bulge and is also pretty low as standard.

Beware though - as a few have escaped the hands of people like us, who give them the love they need and deserve.