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Motorpoint, warranties, and service...............

Just an open letter of thanks to MotorPoint (Burnley) - supplier of my May 2002 172 for £10,999 brand new..

went back today with info from Reno UK about the 3 year warranty. Motorpoint had charged me £407 +vat for the extra 2 years warranty that I didnt need.. (Even reno were confused when it was highlighted on this forum that there is NO difference in warranty between a uk sourced or EU sourced uk spec 172!)

basically, I went in today, asked to see the Managing Director, was in with him in 2 mins, excellent service, explained the issues.. left with a cheque!!. - after spending 20 mins playing in the V6 (Less than 21k !) and chatting motorsport issues.. great set of doods !.

All I can say is.. from first contact, to buying, to aftersales, they have been 101% excellent. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone..


they are hoping to get a few cup models in for less than 10k soon...
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

You have no idea how tempted I am to blow some savings on a V6!

No Paul, no.....



well, its sat there in silver.. very cool.. 20,999..

go for it.. look how much you pay now for a turbo2 r5.. the v6 wil go the same way, I am sure..

send us a pic when you get it lol !!

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


Been meaning to ask, whats with the name Captain Slarty?

And, about the V6....shut up.



Thats good to know Joe.

Ive contacted Trading Standards with regards to my extra warranty that I purchased from MP Derby. I wanted to get all the ammunition I could before contacting MP and demanding a refund. £670 I paid for the full works 2 years extra cover which now we find out we dont need.

They have said (as you have found out) that Motorpoint should refund the full amount no questions asked.

Im how just awaiting the letter from Renault Customer Services so that I can go in armed with the evidence and demand my money back.

On another issue I still havent had my service handbook from them and its now been 6 months of numerous phone calls and them continuously them blaming the supplying dealer.

As my car is now due for its 1st service this has become a major issue so I sent them a rather nasty letter last week and copied it to the finance company demanding an replacement handbook. This should hopefully be rectified soon.

Shame my experience hasnt been as fruitful as yours. Still cheap car though!



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Oh my God!!!

Tell me when the sub £10k Cups are expected?!

Dave will have to give me a HUGE discount now to buy one off him...


Lol Rich

Des.. I found that a personal approach to the MD.. if he aint in.. ask when and make an appointment.. works really well.

I simply took in a prepared letter...


they were bloody great.

Ive said it beofre.. be nice.. be chearful.. go to the gy or gal at the top, accept nothing less.. dont get angy, dont get demanding.. just speak to the mechanic, not the oily rag.. you WILL get immediate action.

and look at this as GOOD PUBLICITY for MP generally.. often a few sensible actions can make a great deal of difference in the perception of retaillers and the mass awareness caused by the net. they know this.. you know this... its all a game really... lol


Always game for a laugh......I just phoned up Motorpoint Burnley and they really dont expect any Clio Cups - "its a limited edition, probably a main dealer only..."
Ho hum. Back to the thumbscrews with my Renault dealer.....unless.....YOU know different!



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

This is no laughing matter Joe...

I want, no I NEED A Cup for sub £10k!!!


Like anything else.. its getting a supply.. the MD of Burnley MP was trying to get ANY cup series to sell on.. If n WHEN he sorts the deal.. then the cars wil be advertised..

Sometimes waiting a few months can be beneficial..


Indeed - trouble is, once I get it into my head I want to change.....I want to change NOW! Or else Id wait and import myself. Got my feelers out in Holland and Belgium, but at present theyve no idea when it might be introduced. By the time Ive gone to Spain (although I havent checked to see if theyd actually *sell* me one yet), were almost up to discounted level in the UK.

The thing is, my 306 Rallye falls out of warranty/road tax in October, 3 1/2 years old....50,000 miles.....nice to have a new toy!

If I find anything Cup-ers.... Ill let you know.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

I was gonna go look at a 306 Rallye last week actually...

One in our local dealer, a 99 S-Reg, white, 44k, FSH, mint for £6750!

Was tempted to buy that and run it for a while as I miss my old 106 GTi.

But, if I could get a Cup for under £10k I would have one, no doubt. However, at £13k I can get a good Subaru for that and I have always wanted a Scoob!

OK Rich....
Black Rallye, May 99 (T reg)
50k miles
MOT till May 2003
Lovingly looked after (!) - apart from stone chips here and there, but none through to the metal.
Lowered 35mm - springs at front, torsion bar at rear
K & N 57i filter
E-Tech Strut brace (you actually wouldnt believe the difference it made to flat cornering....on this car....)
Devil exhaust
Momo wheel, if you like - bit shiny now, its done over 100k miles - but airbag wheel supplied.
I think thats it.
160bhp at the wheels, so 185+ at the flywheel (conservative)
0-60, 30-70 in 7 secs, 70-90 (4th) around 6 secs, 80-100 (4th) in around 6.5 secs.
Full Peugeot service history, all receipts.
Nice car, but.....time for a change.
Offers on a postcard, please......

Cheers for posting your letter Joe. If it worked for you Im gonna try the same nicely nicely tactic later this week.

In fact Ill go in Friday morn - before Bedford (if it goes ahead).


Cheers for the info Captain. I got my 172 @ the start of June this year from Motorpoint Burnley and they flogged me just a one year extended warranty, so Ill be after my couple of hundred quid back...also.

Regarding the service/manual booklets, that one of you guys mentioned...I got the usual "we havent got any English manuals in stock so well post you them later this week" guff. I just went and bought the Service & Manual books from Renault, and sent them a letter requesting the £12 & the receipt. Fair credit to them, They actually responsed quite quickly and got the cheque within a week.

I *stupidly* had a Sigma Thatcham 1 alarm fitted thru Motorpoint - cost about £350, having problems with it now - so gotta go thru the hassle of getting the company who fitted it to come and get it sorted.

Captain...did you get written confimation from Renault after sending all the info thru? If so, how long did it take? Also, I obviously havent got a service book with a dealer stamp in - does this matter? (I got a certificate of EU conformity with the car though).



if you ask Reno, they will send confirmation of warranty.

re the service book.

go back to MP Burnley and ask to speak to the MD.. hes a great guy..

get the warranty sorted at the same time.. without the book you cannot send the details to reno.



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Gav -


Good sales pitch...

How much are you looking at wanting for it?

Where abouts are you based?

The choice of colours on a Rallye is not great and black is deffo my favourite.

Actually nearly bought a 106 GTi in Indigo Blue, as I saw it on a mk2 Rallye and loved it!