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My 172 it!

  clio 172 cup
Hi, been on this site for a little while now, looking at everyones projects and generally learning about clios.

Ive always been a fan of them as my dad owned a lovely monaco blue 172 and a couple of my friends have also owned clio sports. Ive always said to myself that i would have one, one day.

Ive had a few nice cars before my current one, one of them being a Ford Racing Puma which i had for four years and really enjoyed it...although it wasnt a particuarly quick car in a straight line, show it some twisty bits and it was in a world of its own. The looks and sound were quite special plus there a rare sight on the road...but keeping them in top nick is an expensive pasttime. I was mad on cleaning it, as much as driving it...but then im like that with most of my cars, probably because im a valeter by trade and keen on car detailing as a hobbie.

i eventually got the puma to concours standard and did a few shows with it, getting a lot of good feedback but there was something missing...and that was that i didnt dare drive the thing anymore like it was intended, so i decided to sell it and get a track car project as i had a works van that i could use for personal use as well as work. I did actually see the car for sale pistonheads a year later and went to possibly buy it back, but it had been abused and so i had to walk away.

some pics i remember it by...




I went after a car i could have as a project for a track based car and i would be able to learn some mechanical skills from to, plus put all my own style into it, which i couldnt do with the puma as it was already done from factory.

So i bought a very clean and rust free 106 xsi in white, which i intended to strip, make lighter, fit a 16v gti engine and buckets etc. I had the car in my garage for two years in which i spent most nights messing about with it. I loved every minute of it and learnt so much, in the time it took me to make into what i wanted i did the following mods...

Strppied all unecessary sound deadening etc, fitted a 16v engine from a 106 gti with different manifold, bilsteins all round, flocked dash, buckets and harnesses, battery in boot, uprated engine mounts and powerflex bushes all round, uprated brakes etc and some compomotive wheels finished with toyo r888s...wicked.

I loved this car, did several trackdays in it including plenty of sessions at the french car show in the past couple of years, was really impressed with the car for what it was.

I had this car for just over five years in the end, but unfortunately had to sell it early this year to buy car for me and the mrs to commute in to work, and so bought a clio dci...yawn lol. Luckily though one of my best friends bought the car so i still have some involvement with it, and he loves it as much as i is one seriously pampered 106.

some piccies of the old girl...






chasing down a clio cup, was a good few laps battle we had :)


After selling the pug i just had to have something else as a toy and future project...hmm what shall i look at that wont break the bank and is a bit of me...ek9 type r, s3, teggy type r...well there was only one car really... a 172 cup!!!

Went to look at several before settleing on a little gem. 2 owners, low mileage and clean..had to have it. The chap who i bought it off also had a 182 cup car and 197 cup, oh and 2 integrales hehe. i think he had the car as toy take to france on a roadtrip with his mates, he only owned it for a few months.

I really like it and it gets the mrs's approval...alot. Ive spent a fair bit on it already, but luckily one of my mates is a technican at a local renault dealership and so i luckily get genuine parts at trade hes handy to do some work on it.

So far ive...

replaced front and rear discs and pads, exhaust mount,coolant, gearbox oil and engine oil plus all filters etc etc, fitted magnecor leads, and changed the brake fluid as well as fitting braided hoses. Ive also had the front calipers powder coated black.

Im very lucky as well in the fact that i work literally 5 mins walk from home now and so the cup has just been garaged most of its life so far. i enjoy having it like that, so when i does come out its a bit of a chore and is so nice to drive compared to the workhorse dci that mrs uses for work.

I must admit i have probably spent more time cleaning the car then driving it so far, but thats what i enjoy and its just nice having it and occasionally driving it.

I have got plans for it, im not going to go as mad with it as i did the pug..but i would like to change it a bit and put my mark own mark on it, with the intention of doing the odd trackday.

I was thinking...

removing rear seats and replacing with rear brace and ktec tailored boot carpet
bucket seats...something like cobra imola s with harnesses
uprating the engine mounts and fitting powerflex bushed all round as they made a massive difference on the pug along with the engine mounts
maybe uprating the shockers and springs
sabelt steering wheel
refubish the wheel, cant decide on silver or anthracite
...and so on

would kind of like to go along the lines of the meg r26r

Until christmas is over i will just be pampering it with more spit and polish lol, but im hoping next year i will start going through my list of ideas...but to be honest these cars are very good out the box so im just pleased to have it really:)

I havent many pics at the min, will get some decent taken soon,but heres a few ive got of it so far...





ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
very nice!! bought one of these new back in 2003 was the first brand new car iv ever bought and the last lol. loved it. get some eibach springs for it. and a whiteline arb.
  Titanium 182
I remember seeing your FRP back at Ford Fair (think it was 2005/06?) - I've wanted one since they came out, I was going to get one after my first car (Fiesta Zetec-S - at least it was imperial blue like yours!) but I never did, totally regret it! :(

New Cup looks awesome, 106 looked like a weapon too! :)
  clio 172 cup
I remember seeing your FRP back at Ford Fair (think it was 2005/06?) - I've wanted one since they came out, I was going to get one after my first car (Fiesta Zetec-S - at least it was imperial blue like yours!) but I never did, totally regret it! :(

Yeah i remember having it there at that year, that was my final year of ownership. I had a zetec s before that to, and to be honest i found the fiesta more fun, but the puma is just one of those cars youv'e got to have.

like the look of your 182:)
  clio 172 cup
Thanks for all the comments, i will get some better pics taken of it and them posted. It really is a mint example, propably because it gets more litres of polish on it then it does fuel lol.
  clio 172 cup
Had a few hours of work this morning and so let the clio have a breather from the garage. An ideal time to have a quick blast up the road in it as well as get some fresh pics.

The cars currently on 45k miles, hardly rises as its a second car.

All my hard efforts of detailing it hour after hour in the garage most evenings has really paid off, it looked stunning today when i pulled it out. The only things that let it down are the wheels are starting to look there age a bit, im sure there the original paint from factory, the steering wheels a bit tired and the front light lenses have a got a bit of a haze on them. When i get chance i will sort them out at work, along with the getting the wheels reconditioned, i cant decide on oe silver or anthracite???? I work at Lincoln Audi so im lucky to be able to get things done through them, like any bodywork or wheels etc.


My favourite part of a car to detail, i love a clean engine bay


I wish the cups had better seats, something like the recaros in the trophy's.


Silver or Anthracite???

  clio 172 cup
Oh i get you hehe, im rubbish at getting jokes. Ive seen his frp detailing thread...i just had to comment on it to as ive still a soft spot for those cars.
  172 Cup
Lolz i thought of gally when i saw your puma pics i must admit!

Your cup looks like a nice example matey and judging by your previous cars/plans for this, im sure you will have this lovely ;)
  clio 172 cup
hehe i dont think hes found this thread yet.

It is a good example i must admit, the pics dont really do it justice. Cant wait to get cracking on with it...just need to get xmas out the way and then i will start playing.

Does anyone know of any good number plate building websites?
  172 Cup
What that man said, Fancyplates are spot on, there is even a guide on here about ordering off their site ;)
  clio 172 cup
Cheers guys, will have a look. Ive always thought a nice number plate can make the front or rear end.
  clio 172 cup
Has been absolutely ages since I updated this. Not much has happened with the car to be honest. It doesn't really get used much and with work and other hobbie commitents, it's meant I haven't had the time I would have liked to have a play with.

Anyway it's currently off the road now for the winter and so I'm eager to do a few things to it,preferably to make it a bit tidier in places. Main Job is to get the wheels reconditioned(silver), and in hoping to strip a few bits suspension and brake wise to get painted,preferably powder coated. I'm one one step ahead as one I bought the car I was given a few spare bits which included front calipers, so I've had them shotblasted and I've painted them silver, currently in front of the heater to dry. Will get some pics up when I get the rears done to.

One thing I have had done in the past couple of weeks is to have the paintwork corrected ie professionally machine polished. I could get it to a really good standard but now it looks superb....





currently tucked away...

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  clio 172 cup
Have also recently added a different exhaust. I got hold of an old ktec stealth system in steel, it had seen much better days but I felt I could save it from the scrap heap so got to work on it.

I corrected the thin and blowing pipe to the rear box and treated it...


the tail pipe was also replaced and treated around the weld...


then it was off to get powder coated and to say I was impressed is an inderstatement...most people would have chucked it but I'm glad I saved it in the end...


on the car, looks great and a nice subtle tone which is what I was after. Just need to get an uprated hanger as the standard oe one useless....


Now the bodywork has had some proper treatment I've bought some new cup badges that arrived today, sent two sets back as the numbers weren't straight...

  clio 172 cup
Put the new badges on today,they look good but I can't see them staying on long as the adhesive on the back of the badges is really poor. Has anyone ever thought of having the badges made with vinyl, or are they available in sticker form????


  clio 172 cup
I've had some cup 172 badges made up in vinyl this week as the oe badges are never perfectly straight especially the numbers and the adhesive is really poor. The vinyl version I've had made is slightly larger but the same font and the letters are slightly darker but on the car I'm hoping they look oe....ish


p.s does anyone have some decent condition rear 172/182 rear calipers for sale?


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane 230 r26
gorgeous car, very very clean for the age love what you did on the exhaust! looks brand new
  clio 172 cup
Thanks for the comments, i enjoy messing around with the car as much as driving it. The exhaust was a great result in the end, I'm half tempted to get it re powder coated in silver. The front and rear calipers are coming off tomorrow and getting sent to get shot blasted and sprayed in silver so they should look ten times better along with the wheels when I get them reconditioned in the new year. I would like to have a go at a few show and shines next year as the car is in great nick for its age and highly modified like most cups...
  clio 172 cup
Put one of the new vinyl decals I had made up on today, looks great for what it cost and will hopefully last a lot better than the oe Renault items that are really fiddly to apply. This one is slightly larger to so stands out a bit more...


Also fitted a new rear number light lense as the original had seen much better days...looks a lot fresher now


have also sent my front and rear calipers away today to get powder coated in silver...will post up some before and after pics when I get them back;)
  clio 182 FF
Love that racing puma!

Your 172 looks a real nice example too, good work on the detailing. Looks like you have got yourself a nice car there. Especially with that mileage.
  clio 172 cup
Love that racing puma!

Your 172 looks a real nice example too, good work on the detailing. Looks like you have got yourself a nice car there. Especially with that mileage.

thanks mate. I loved that puma, a great car that I regret selling, I went to buy it back but it was ruined so I left a bit gutted.

I must admit I do feel rather lucky that I have got such a nice example of a cup and that Its just a second car that me and the mrs can enjoy on a nice day. To be honest I barely drive it as I just detail it and the mrs uses it with the windows downs and the shades on haha. It's just turned 49k miles this week...
  clio 172 cup
Have been busy over the last couple of weeks taking some parts off the car to get to my local powder coaters for some loving.

I got the parts back this week and I'm really pleased with how they have come out. The parts I gave them were the inlet manifold,cambelt cover,fuel rail guard and also the front and rear calipers.

inlet manifold,cambelt cover and fuel rail guard have all been shotblasted to clean them up significantly and give them a fresh oe factory look. I was tempted to get them powdercoated silver but I prefer the oe look instead.

This is how they turned out...



the engine bay looks a lot fresher now with them fitted. I also cleaned the rocker cover while the inlet was off...



The calipers I've had done in gloss silver...can't wait to get these fitted...will look alot fresher than the current gloss black calipers I have fitted...





Also this last week replaced the clio badge with the current rs item as I think this improves the look of the rear of the car, is definately less cluttered looking...


quick pick before I put it away again...


I'm going to get the exhaust re done in silver to match the calipers along with wheels maybe at some point to.

Next on the list is to get it serviced,I've got all the parts but just haven't had chance to do it as yet...
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  clio 172 cup
Managed to spend some more time on the car lately...

First of all I've its had a small service with the usual elf oil etc


Saw a cheap itg maxogen filter on the net,it was off a Leon cupra but ive modified it slightly to fit the clio, just waiting on the induction pipe to be made and then I should be up and running...whether its any good it's another thing lol...


Also finally managed to get my refreshed front and rear silver calipers fitted and all bled up, they look so much cleaner and fresh looking in silver...




While I was it ive started to tidy the underside of he car to. I refreshed the heat shields both a bit of high temp paint and a bit a scrub here and there...coming up quite well I must admit :)



Thats about it for now, on the save for some new front and rear shocks along with eibach or cooksport springs, and also new wishbones and track rod ends etc to freshen everything up.