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My 172 *Photoshop Request & Suggestions*


ClioSport Club Member

Ive had my Mk1 for a week now, so im just about getting used to it.

ill be changing a few things before FCS so i was wondering if anyone good with photoshop could give me an idea of what they would look like.

1. Mk2 Bumpstrips and 2.0 Badges (colour coded)

2. Set up on coilovers (about -80mm) with anthracite Speedline Turinis.

any futher suggestions are welcome!



Cup spoiler

Mk2 rear bumper

Mk2 rear lock surround

All things id probs do

Itll look great with the turinis on, ive got a pic of mine with dark turinis but the car angle isnt the best for someone to use on photoshop


ClioSport Club Member
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Personally Id keep it as it is but change the wheels back to F1 cups (16" though) and sit her on coilovers, job done. I think the mk1 shape is superb and best left as original as poss. Sorry!
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id stick mk2 bumper on n cup spoiler alonh side bumpstrips...wheels...mk2 172wheels ;) or f1s in 16s!! turnis..never seen anyone with them sorry


ClioSport Club Member
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keep them wheels mate they look smart as....

thats prob the best mk1 ive seen dude
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The only thing I would definately change is the rear bumper to a mk2 172 rear, which is what Im just doing to my ph1. Looks good though mate.
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think u need to c my car soooooooooooooon? n then make ur mind up lol, na black turnes m8y


ClioSport Club Member

^^^^fooking love it mate!

could you add a Mk2 rear bumper....i know it will be difficult with the angle and all.

if anyone could have a go with the above pic it would be great!


Quote: Originally posted by carbon copy on 09 April 2005

^^hmmmm....that looks really good!

does the Mk2 bumper fit straight on the Mk1 mounts?

Yes mate im sure it does others will confirm though