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My arm aches I polished my car that hard....

  320d M Sport

Well, I thought, as Im meeting a few of the nutters of here tommorow Id better get it looking 100%. Trip to Halfords and £40 later I get started. Washed it,washed it again. Did the wheels, got the old chamois out. Lookin good so I started on Autoglym.....Wax first. It looks ace, really good and didnt leave any annoying powder behind. Now I was content with the way it looked but Autoglym recommend Super Resin Polish. Got busy on that and ended up putting it on too thick. took AGES to get it off, hence my arms, back, leg etc are aching........worth it though cos it looks awesome.

The price you pay eh?


Spent ages doing mine too. Under street lighting it is "Gran Turismo" car wash shiny Bet it is covered by a 2cm think coating of dead insects and dust by the time any piccies are taken of it