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My BG 182 Track Car Build


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I got the car in October and a week after that the work started, including lots of phone calls ordering bits.:D

list so far is

Safety Devices 6 point bolt in cage
Bimarco Futura bucket seats
Bimarco Aluminium side mounts
Pair of 6 point Sabelt harnesses
Oreca 330mm steering wheel
Flocked dash upper and lower, A pillars, steering cowl, handbrake and gear surround.
15inch Pro Race 1.2 in anthracite with 205/50/15 Federal 595RSR tyres
K-tec ultra supersport cat back exhaust
V6 Airbox

to do
PMS Gear linkage
PMS strut brace and top mounts
Cooksport springs
Braided hoses and fluid change
coolant change

the door cards have got to come out when I get some replacement cards and the carpet will come out too in the summer and probably be replaced with some aluminium or carbon foot plates.

The day I got the car looks nice and standard

parcels started to arrive


first job was to tidy the engine bay up


had a week off work so started removing the interior and preparing the areas that needed welding for the cage by removing all the paint and spraying with a weld primer to stop rust, also removed all the tar from the floor, was not as hard as I expected just heat gun and scraper and WD40 to clean the area afterwards and it came up well.






once I had the cage fitted I then decided the inside of the car looked crap so masked everything off and sprayed the interior, I was to idle to take the rear cage back out.


first attempt looked good but thought it may be a bit too bright inside the car on a sunny day


Second attempt and I am pleased with the results.


I decided I did not like the plastic dash so out it all came and was taken to be flocked, I also chopped the glovebox door down a bit so I can still use it with the cage and after flocking I looks like it is supposed to be there




Once the dash came back got all that fitted along with the seats, harnesses (Thanks to Sonny for the advice with this :approve:) and steering wheel




next job was the dogbone mount
glad I borrowed a gear puller off my mate as the rubber bushings would have been a pain to get out.



Then did the front brakes discs and pads and tidied them up a bit


My tyres turned up so when and had them fitted to my new wheels then got them on the car




Then decided as I had cruise control I may as well use it so made a carbon plate to mount the switches to




  172 cup
Looks awesome :)

do you mind asking where you got the dash and bits flocked and how much it cost? PM me if you don't want to put it on here

  clio 182 FF
Looking good. You will have to let us know what you think of the cooksports once you get them on.

Good job on the interior too. Even though its stripped it still looks a nice place to be, which is something you don't usually see.


ClioSport Club Member
Got the PMS gear linkage fitted,
got Mick at Diamond motors to do it as I could not be arsed lying on the floor in winter, and it has transformed the car and I can now reach 1st and reverse easily when I am strapped into the seat



ClioSport Club Member
I have had a set of Cooksport springs for a while but finally fitted them the other day along with new front shocks (will replace the rear shocks later on) and also fitted the PMS strut brace and top mounts, it is sitting so much better now just need to fit the camber bolts and get the geo set up.
sorry about the iphone pics it was getting dark




  Audi A5
Brilliant work so far. Flocked dash looks the nuts, I had a quick look on their site and it says £70 for clio dash, would that be the hole dash or just the top bit?


ClioSport Club Member
Brilliant work so far. Flocked dash looks the nuts, I had a quick look on their site and it says £70 for clio dash, would that be the hole dash or just the top bit?
Thanks I am not sure what that £70 would be for, it is probably just a guide price.
I just sent him a photo of everything I wanted doing and asked for a price


ClioSport Club Member
a few updates fitted some aerocatches as I did not trust the standard bonnet catch also fitted my carbon rear door cards and fuel pump cover much better than a hole in the side of the car







ClioSport Club Member
Little update on this
I attempted to make some fibreglass brake ducts which turned out to be a disaster lol, so I ended up using some air feed trumpets and tbh I am pleased with the results.


I have tidied all the wires up in the rear so the drivers side are all fed in between the panels and the passenger side is all nice and tidy inside some tubing


The carbon door cards are all fitted now just need the handle spacers

I decided to refresh the steering so I fitted new Genuine inner tie rods, Lemforder TRE and lower ball joints

Changed the engine oil and gearbox oil

also got a ITG induction kit (can never have too much carbon fibre)

The car has also had a detail as I got a new DA and it needed sorting as I have put some scratches on it from building it over the winter,
so it was washed and clayed then had a good going over with some Meguires 105 and 205 with orange and white hexlogic pads it has totally transformed the car (I am pleased as it is the first time I have machine polished)







ClioSport Club Member
Decided to remover the rear wiper today makes the back end look so much better, what a ba***rd to get off though, ended up using mole grips with one jaw on the back of the wiper and one on the end of the thread and working it off slowly (the spanner trick did not work)


ClioSport Club Member
You can get Dwarf, Man and Orc ones too. If you're badass you get Hobbit ones.

I did a trackday at Bedford a few months ago (first outing) and it went really well, the only thing that done my head in was the wheel bolts having to be torqued up after each time on track so I got a set of high tensile stud and nut kit (longer studs on the front to accommodate the 16mm spacers for the anthracite wheels et43), and after the Renault Sport day evening at Bedford they only needed re torqued after the first outing so that was well worth fitting.

Also at Bedford it was p!ssing it down for the morning and the RSR's were really very good in the wet so that made my mind up that they were going to be the road and wet tyres from then on so I ordered another set of 7x15 Pro Race 1.2 in white et35 and fitted some Direzza DZ03G 195/50/15 for the dry.

I decided to bleed the brakes today ready for Oulton on the 27th and test fitted the wheels and I am pleased they look great.


Wheels all sealed up so the brake dust comes off a bit easier


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Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
I'm currently debating getting a PMS shifter before Oulton on the 27th. I need to do something asap as my standard one has seen far better days.

Do you get the 'rattle' that's associated with it? If so how annoying is it? My car isn't quiet but then again it's not loud and it would really annoy me if it was rattling all the time.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup&Leon K1
I'm currently debating getting a PMS shifter before Oulton on the 27th. I need to do something asap as my standard one has seen far better days.

Do you get the 'rattle' that's associated with it? If so how annoying is it? My car isn't quiet but then again it's not loud and it would really annoy me if it was rattling all the time.

Car looks awesome mucka :)

Regarding the 'rattle' I get this with my PMS kit. Does my heading on motorways and long trips. I usually put my thumb on the screws and apply abit of pressure lol. Keep thinking about taking the knob apart to see what is rattling.

Wouldnt stop me buying one again tho ;)


ClioSport Club Member

The PMS linkage does rattle and TBH it does my head in when sitting on a motorway as it starts about 60mph, I have tried taking the knob off and greasing the spring also putting some foam at the bottom of the reversing shaft but it still does it, as Chambers_RS has said if you just rest your hand on the knob it stops or if you put some lateral pressure on the shaft it stops.
If your car is mainly a track toy get one and just put up with the annoying rattle but as a daily I don't think I could live with it but it is awesome to use compared to the sloppy standard shift, and if you have harnesses I make the gear change easier without stretching for 1st and reverse.

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
Could be fixed with a spring around the rod to the chassis perhaps.

I think I might get one and then worry about fixing the rattle later.