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My car’s had enough for Chistmas!!!!

what a feking day!

got my de-cat pipe fitted to the rest of my scorpion exhaust.... so thats £300 for the full system now.

Have had to order 4 new tyres as the tyres on the car are the original ones from the car when first brought!!! so i got Eagle F1s - £300!!!!!!

And NOW i just been to Renault... and booked in for the 36000 major service..... £300!!!!!!!!!

£900 for a christmas present isnt bloody bad.. Thanks WILLIAMS! :confused:

oh and thats in the space of 3 feking weeks!

nope, the bloke said the tread is still fine... its just theres cracks on the walls of the tyres... so i need new ones :(

are Eagle F1s good? can i hammer it in the wet?


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eagle f1s own

where did u get em from as i need 1 desperately !!!


malice... they are being ordered for me from UK, as im in jersey channel islands.. cant help ya im afraid :(

Nick, ive only had it 3 months!?? thats good is it? :eek: