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my clio mk2 ph1 (fixed!!)

  B-road bully



mods so far: 16" 172 wheels, lowered 35/30mm, sport spoiler, clear leds. looking for the door strips off the ph2 with the 16v badge if know body wants them. btw does it looked boy racey to you, its jus wen i come to selling it i dont wanna lose value because of mods, ive tryed to keep it a "renualt" as possible:oops: wat do u think anyway?
  A silver Honda

Tidy, subtle mods.

I like it:D

Get the ph2 door strips colour coded when you get them and get some silvervisions for the front lights.
  C4 Grand Picasso

Very nice mate, it doesnt look too boy racer to me.
Anyhow, when you sell I reckon you should take it back to standard and sell the parts on here for more money, probably be easier to sell the car too.
  Lots of Alfas

Nice car its looking very smart, would look better with some ph2 rear light clusters, there only about £20 off ebay. Similar to my car, now I know what it looks like with 172 wheels....
  Golf R/Leon FR

very subtle, think you should have lowered it 60mm all round tho. i have the mtv model and id loose the mtv stickers it looks alot better.