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Need a ball-park insurance quote? & What is the ins grp / tax on......

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  Listerine & Poledo
After seeing several threads over time asking the same questions:-

1) What is the insurance going to be like on [car]
2) What is the tax on [car]

May I offer a simple way of finding all of this out.

1) Open up an "account" (register your details with) with any of teh usual price comparison sites. This will take a few minutes for your first attempt, but then, with some (for indstnace, my prefered,, once your details are registered, then you needn't change them again (unless your details have changed, of course).

You can then check prices on as many cars as you like, with either marque & model or Reg. These prices are fairly representative, although if you barter directly with the best price provider you may get them trimmed down some more. But at least it's a starting point.

Modification options are vague so for those who want to get prices on some motor with masses of extra y0! then tag as many mods as are relevant, take the prices with a pinch of salt and then contact the best price provider.

Look up the same model on there. In the advert goto "Vehicle Summary" and you'll find the tax bang. For pre new-age plates, you wont need this.

Once you have teh tax band / capacity of engine for older cars, go to

And voila, there's your tax costs.

Of course, you'll also find the manufacturer figures for 0-60, vmax & MPG's.
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