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Need to find a decent bodyhop for my RB

  Subaru 330s
Need to get some accident damage repaired on the RB, took it to a Renault approved bodyshop near me and they said it would be a difficult job because of the paint colour, and the outcome would be 50/50.......which didn't fill me with confidence! Took it to another garage and they pretty much said the same.

So, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any places in the Midlands that would be able to sort it out and do a good job, especially any bodyshops other RB owners have had theirs repaired at

Lora :)
  Jagggg...missing the 182!
probably a bit of a late response, if you havent had it repaired yet, id reccoment greg @ southam bodies, just off the main road into southam, right at the roundabout kineton road ind est

Hes not the cheapest - but im fussy on my paintwork :p
  BMW M135i
Vidak in nuneaton are pretty damn good, not cheap mind but they did a pretty good job of practically rebuilding my mates mr2 after an intervention with a lampost.