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negative camber mods for a few quid.. heres how

Hi, Benn looking into the neg camber mods and its easy..

first, heres apic of the front suspnsion lower area with desriptions.

heres a drawing of the suspension arm and lower strut mount bracket showing where to drill the holes out and whicjh way to bias them.

make up a camber reader using a straight edge across the rim and a plumb weight.. the angle can be read from a 20p protractor (Make sure the surface is level)

remove the bolts and insert a very small bolt just to hold it in postion (the bottom arm to lower strut mount)

move the bottom strut mount away from the car until you get the desired camber increase (1 - 2 degrees only)

then drill to take the larger bolts.

the holes can be slotted for greater adjustment.. but only 3 mm or so is needed..

repeat on other side..

there ya go..

all cheques to Captn S. enterprises lol.


dont think ill indulge in that....ill just make up some neg cam lower arms.

but top tip if you want to drill in the suspension.

p.s. do you go rallying!

ooooooooo b**ch lol !!!

naw.. thats clean for underneath lol..

as for my rally days...

Mk1 big wing with 1700 711m block..
Mk2 rs2000 with 2.1 pinto @ 170
Chevvette HS2.3 lotus with full group 4 kit (Ex DTV - Russell Brookes)
and a lovely Alphaspud 1.5 cloverleaf.

of the all, the chevette was the best.. bloody quick, bloody hard to master.. but when you did... frightening.. 155 @ wheels with full Bill Blydenstein lump (before the max 2 throttlebody rule - barstuds !).. that bugger was quick !.

and I mean.. verrrrrrrrry quick... geared to a top speed of 105 mph. but be gads it got there quick !


i was about to say that would be my choice....but a 230bhp 16V pinto MK1 would be my passion.

think were gonna have the same tendancies at palmers! i.e. were gonna want to go round s if the front window was masked up!!