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NetFlix films


ClioSport Club Member
Any one recommend any on Netflix?

All I ever find myself doing on there is trawling through trying to find something that's not from the 1980s starring Mel Gibson and then getting bored and watching nothing.

Got 2 weeks off work over xmas so need a nice list of things to watch.
Any genre as long as its good. Documentaries are also of interest as long as its not about slaughtering animals or conspiracy theory turd.

All the new releases seem to be things ive watched 5+ years ago or things that are just utter dog sh!te.

I would cancel it but maybe there are some good recommendations to keep me subscribed.
And me.

As for things I've enjoyed (TV);
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Bobs Burgers

Loads of good docs but not sure whats in / dropped off. Basically look for any with 4 stars and above and theyre a decent watch. Only reason I still have it tbh. Black Fish, E Team, Netflix docs on Egypt & Ukraine are excellent, Nas, Bob Marley doc, Snoop Lion surprisingly good.


ClioSport Club Member
Netflix is usually better for TV, the shows they've self-produced have been excellent.
Amazon is usually better for films.


ClioSport Club Member
The biggest issue I have with Netflix is the UI.

Why can't you search by top rated for example? As that would cut a lot of crap out.

But it does seem to be a bit desperate film wise at the moment.
  Clio Trophy
only reason you guys can not find much, is because of a lack of VPN ;)

Netflix have different content in different countries


i have found Australia really good for films recently
  Clio Trophy
i use netflix on pc/tv so i can VPN to any country i want, so am able to view alot of different content, you would be amazed the difference in the content from country too country

i would also recommend amazon prime,sounds expensive, but you get films, tv series, music, books, and my Fav is free next day delivery, easily got my money back after about 3 months of use, inc free nextday sat/sun, which must cost them a bit


ClioSport Club Member
Ive watched pretty much all of the above. That's because everything else apart from these is absolute PAP!

cowspiracy was a good one.
  Goliath I
If you watch on the laptop install Hola on Chrome (free) and as above you can access loads of extra films, series etc...


ClioSport Club Member
  Passat Tdi Sport
I just downloaded some movies on my iPad for on the plane but noticed that there doesn't seem to be any effect on the available space I have, I tried watching one on airplane mode and it worked fine, so how does that work?


ClioSport Club Member
  Passat Tdi Sport
Never mind, I've just realised the capacity was dropping it was just that the files are so small I didn't clock the difference, they must be optimised for the iPad or something as the files are like 300 and something mb for a movie and the quality is fine.