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New alpine CDE-9850Ri (IPOD) head unit fitted 2day!

  BMW 330d :)
Hey guys I finally had enough of the renault dealerships excuses and attempts to fix my original head unit... So i bought this 2day from halfrauds for £199 which included all cables for ipod and installation. Next all I'll need to get is the steering wheel remote adapter and maybe the dash display. Any ideas on the best places to get this?

Anyway let me know what you think of the installation, I've put my ipod in the glovebox, as I dont need to see the screen of it to choose the tracks.


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  BMW M135i
Not with the incartec one from CAD, its just plugs into the yellow iso connector that the oem headunit connected to.
  172 cup TT
Same HU as mine... works well.. but VERY annoyed with the way its hard to scroll more than a few letters into the alphabet... say you play prodigy then want to play oasis you cant just go back one letter but start at the "A"s again... i believe they are releasing the same model but with percentage search soon which would help...
  Leon Cupra R 225
ye caraudiodirect to get the adaptors mate. its nice but IMO always buy Pioneer for head units. they are untouchable in terms of Mosfet amps producing the best quality sound.

tho my DEH did cost me £310 at the time but worth it :D
  Monaro VXR
If your serious about the SQ you wont stick to the stock headunit amp anyway. And I still think the Alpines sound better and obvious a lot of SQ people do as well since Alpine units find there way into more SQ installations than Pioneer do. Comparing a £300 alpine to a £300 pioneer i prefered my Alpine sound just seemed much crisper.
  BMW 330d :)
Yeah its maybe not as feature packed as some headunits but it offers ipod connectivity without a big adapter box (cable just runs from back of headunit) and only cost me £199... Sound quality is a noticeable step up too.