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new exhaust system fitted

  ibiza cupra
well got my exhuast done today and eerrrmm well, to put it simple. IT`S LOUD AS F**K. it sounds wicked but i think it may be a little too loud. its nice when on idle and have a nice burble to it when driving normaly but when flooring it (it sounds awsome) but on the way back down the revs its very loud indeed so i may end up getting a middle box put in after all lol. i think alot of this is down to the acuestics of the actual car rather than the exhuast but im going to keep it for a bit to see how i get on with it. heres some pics anyway

rear silencer (that silences nothing lol)

middle section (strait through)

and silenced de cat (which again, silences nothing lol)

i also got a little prezzie off the bloke who did it for me lol

one for me and one for the missis (i really dont think she will approve haha)


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
f**king lol at cast iron stealth, did it come from blist hill?
  ibiza cupra
its a custom mild steel one that i had made by a performance exhuast place that i work next door to. heres a vid its not as loud as i though although it is a bit boomy on the over run. but im getting usto it now lol.