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New lower Engine mount - Powerflex




I got my new dog bone powerflex bushes on yesterday and what a difference they make!!

Absolutely no knocking on hard pull away now woo hoo. The only thing is there is slightly more vibration through the car on idle but I can live with that. Well worth the effort.

While I was changing it I noticed Renault had added an extra black stabilising bar and the gear linkage looks different to my previous 52 plate cup.

Anyway piccies.....

Off wit da old:

On wit da new:

Mods so far:

Drilled discs all round
EBC Greens all round
Goodridge brake hoses
BMC Carbon sealed IK
Apex 30mm's
Powerflex dogbone mounts
Prospeed custom exhaust
Prospeed custom decat

Anthracite bumper, grille and fog surrounds
Green calipers
light tints (maybe)
rear light mods (secret ooooo!)
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I opened a vice and sort off hammered the old rubbers out. Really need someone else there to be honest to hold the mount flat on the vice edges while you hammer the rubbers out. Whole job took about 20 mins but luckily I had a mate with a pit in his garage which helps and the fact that the engine had not moved so the bolt holes were still in line when we went to fit the new on. Top mod IMO. Just beware that you can notice the vibrations afterwards on idle.


Yeah, hard to hexplain but it feels like the engine is held more tightly to the chassis and 172 engines are quite lumpy so it just emphasis (sp) that lumpiness I suppose?! Maybe it was there before but I only noticed it once I got back in? I dunno. :S
  Burgandy 174 sport t
so as long as u dont move the car it should line back up ok? and the rubber on the old one just knocks through? any pics of it off the car so I can get an idea?


Nah, soz I was kicking myself when I forgot to get pics off the car. Knew someone would ask - doh! But yeah, takes a fair bit of thwacking but you can knock the rubbers though, just keep the mount edges flat so you can't bend it in anyway. Like I say I had use of an bench side vice which I opened up and had someone hold the mount edges flat on each jaw while I smacked the old mounts through the middle. Hope this helps (...or makes sense).

Edit. The mount bolts are very very tight to undo, just make sure they go back on that way too,
(obvious). :)
  Leon Cupra 300
hmmm are these the k tec ones or completely different? does this stop the knocking we talk about when wheelspin?
i did mine and getting the rubbers out is easy use a big socket piece and a vice and hold one end while you close the vice and it squeezes the rubber out but dont let go or it will go flying, THIS IS VERY SIMPLE TO DO
took me exactly 58 mins to do which i told it was an hours job and i wasnt rushin

the vibrations are very minor on idle soon ad the car moves or you put revs on it goes and it isnt a discomfort in anyway either
Got them on mine too & they do almost stop all the knocks on hard acceleration- got to line up the top mount properly an all for full effect. Worth £50 tho


Philmotts: Yep, no knocking anymore under hard gas/wheelspin - brill!!

James: Dunno about the valvers - sorry mate

Dutty: The unpainted bare plastic bumper inserts round fogs etc ;)

Batman: Better explanation than mine there regarding the vibration, lol

cheers all


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
i havr this too, and couples with adjusting the top drivers side mount get NO knocking under hard acceleration!!!!

but you do get a little vibration at idle as said above
i'm thinking on doing the anti roll bar bushes and stuff next as if it makes the same amount of difference but to the steering it will be another good purchase