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new member new owner 172 cup

  2002 clio 172
just a quick hello :eek:

bought myself a 52 plate 172 cup in grey :approve:

quite happy with it, few niggles though, the lcd that sposed to show the miles is blank,
i flicked the stalk and it came on for a while showing 58k miles ;) then stopped and when i came back its gone again. it is a loose connection im guessing so is it repairable?

i`v came from various model of impreza`s but the fuel prices have knocked me out of that market lol :(

im looking forward to the cup expieriance :rasp:
  2002 clio 172
hi, yes it looks silver but on paperwork it says grey and on the h.p.i report!!

im from westbury wiltshire :D