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New member with Clio Sport 172 2002

  Sold the sport :(
Hi All,

Just joined up what seems like a pretty solid forum. Just bought my 172 today, it's the one with the Xenon headlights (mk2?) on an 02 plate in blue - absolute minter and got it for a really good price from a dealer!

Looking forward to joining in with some banter on here. Previous life I raced motorbikes (more about that on my site) and do some other normal stuff i.e sex and golf :). Had a 1.4RT for 7 years and loved it - ran into the ground in the end. Also got a Kawasaki ZX6R which i'm trying to sell now so if anyone wants some real performance lemmie know lol (0-60 in about 3.1 secs).

Anyone else from the North West (Manchester areas) - whats this member thing all about then?

Personality is like the name so go figure.

L8trs all

  Sold the sport :(
Cheers all. Can't wait to get the car now, gotta wait about a week for it to be prepped and MOT'd etc Dragging already!

Aye it's slow compared to bikes but biking aint as safe as it was a few years ago, roads are pants nowadays so sticking to four wheels from now on - may still keep my race bike though :)

  Sold the sport :(
Yo all. Picked it up last night, took for a blast today and the friggin exhaust decides it's time to snap and hang off - gutted and the garage I got it from can't sort it until at least monday. Gotta try and patch it up tomorrow now :(

Anyways here is some pics:

welcome to the club. i'm in the chester area, not really got about much but there's a near you tomorrow 4pm. you should pop along.

on another note... if the garage doesn't sort it... i've got a centre section and backbox for sale. see my post in the PARTS FOR SALE forum.

  Sold the sport :(
Edde - nope, it's failed a little further back from there - actually looks wierd as seems like it's been welded in the past. I'll try and get a pic of it so you can see but not even sure if it has a cat fitted!!!

Still goes like s**t of a shovel though - had a skyline behind me last night and when I booted it to overtake someone, he just seemed to be like wow! Took him ages to catch me up and when he did was right up my ass lol

David, i'll bear your parts in mind, hoping they will sort it quickly - can't do the meet, exhaust is about to drop off and also got a meal booked at 5pm :( Where was it?



Hi mate meet is near lymm in warrington. Not too far from machester.

We have loads of meets in the NW, often really good driving ones and we are a friendly bunch so come along. Next one after today is 8th october, we are going for a blast to NWales.

Enjoy the motor when you get it back.

  Sold the sport :(
Cheers m8 - i've still got the motor, gonna try and patch it up today and take a trip over to the garage to see if they will give me the money to get the new system

To be honest, i'd like a S/S system for lengevity - i'm not into all this loud backbox system shite that a lot of peeps are into - stealth is the word for me. Don't forget I come from a biking background where loud cans are the norm and speed is mental and this car aint that far off the performance of bikes mid range which is great :)

  vauxhall corsa c
nice to see you like your bikes mate few people on hear that are into bikes including me lol.enjoy the site
  Sold the sport :(
Just for the biker fans, this is me last year at Cadwell park coming down the mountain on the left hander, knee down and smoke coming from the sliders - love this pic. This is on my race bike which is an FZR400 (for sale if anyone is interested lol)





  LY 200
Welcome to cliosport Si, there are a good few people in the NW on here, I am from Warrington :)

Enjoy the car and club!!