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New mk2 172 owner

Hi all,

I got my 172 three weeks ago and have nicely run her in for 1200 miles !

500 miles to devon and back in one weekend at 60mph is a killer !

I got the car from MJA in Guildford however bought it really for its rep and engine rather than the toys !

I have found the air con, and fuel comp, however thought it had an alarm ???? Can anyone clear this up for me, dont really wont to annoy the neighbours by testing !



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Hi SJD 172




PS: Your initials are almost the same as mine, which are SJB!
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If MJA imported your car from Europe it will not have an alarm only an immobiliser. You can fit a much better alarm than the Renault one for between £200 and £300.

Welcome - trust you are going to join the club???? Anyway, whether you do or whether you dont, you will enjoy I am sure !