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newbie with a 182

  2004 clio 182 ff
hello ppl, im a newbie and this morning i picked up my new 182.
2004 reg, 32000 miles, full fat, no cup packs but with satnav

heres a couple of pics of it with my old 5gtt




only plans i have for it are

- cup spoiler which i already have (needs painting)
- anthracite wheels
- anthracite engine cover
- poss eibach pro springs (20/15)
- front splitter
- adjust exhaust fitment
- enjoy!!

only downside it after 15mins of collecting it the serv,abs and tcs lights came on. turn engine off and restart and all is ok. its going back tomorrow to have it checked out but is this a common thing?




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Re: newbie wit ha 182

If it's Clio-related and has pictures in it, please post in here mate.

Looks great! Nav was a rare option, too.

I also like the GTT, any more pics?
Looks tidy and seriously low mileage! Similar thing happened to me, I've had mine two weeks... Purchased car Saturday afternoon, SERV/TC/ABS lights come on Sunday morning! Turn car off and back on and they disappeared.

A quick search suggested brake pedal switch/ABS sensors are common faults. Sure enough when JMS plugged it into diagnostics it had "ABS fault/Brake light circuit present" but I was told that the brake pedal switch is an easy fix.

Hope this sheds some light on it... and anyone more in the know, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong!
  Renaultsport Clio 182
Nice car mate - v similar to mine (apart from the nav)

I'd go for sportlines over prolines if I were you - they drop it slightly more. I fitted them to mine and I'm happy with it. Coils are a no go for me due to where I live......the bumper would be hanging off in no time with the speedbumps & potholes!


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  VW Golf GTD
Looks nice! But it's not a FF if it has no cup packs.


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  Fiesta ST-3
Check the CV boots aren't leaking. Mine were pissing grease all over the ABS ring which caused the light to come on.


Nice car

My car has the same abs/serv/tc light issue: been like it for months. Comes and goes. But I do need to replace the cv gaitor... Hopefully that will fix it.
  2004 clio 182 ff
cheers for the comments.
i bought it from a local ford dealer for £4900 as my bro works for there pug branch.
im really please with the 182. its no where near as raw as the gtt so feels slow to me but im really enjoying the smoothness!!
im the 2nd owner from new and as far as a 2nd hand car goes its mint!!

i havent quite got my head around the satnav atm but im sure i'll get the hang of it someday.

its just had a full mot put on it and passed with advisories for wipers, exhaust rubber and surface rust on brakes. i believe it did fail first time on the cv boot insecure.
its been back to the dealer to get the codes read and they've decided that seeing as the lights came back on again today, they're going to get it looked at by my local renault dealler.

its frustrating because im a full qualified mechanic (mazda/kia) and could fix this problem but as its under warrenty im leaving it up to them

as for more photos of the gtt, it should be in fast car in a couple of months as the above pics where the cleaning prior to the shoot