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  Sunflower PH1
Hi on my 182 conversion i'm wanting to use a manual rack and a cup alt bracket setup,ive got the cup setup fitted at the mo but it looks like when i remove the p/s pump to run a shorter belt it will foul the water pump,i've searched and see that its fine to use a shorter belt maybe around an 850 size driving only the water pump and alternator,it looks like both sides of the belt will have to run past the same side of the water pump on its way to the alt,is this right and how is it overcome,thanks
You need a 6pk 850 belt and the steering rack is from a clio DCI



I pm'd Mike@rentech about this a while ago, here's his answer.
This is beltsize needed when having the dci rack.. maybe it helps ?
  Sunflower PH1
Thanks franx,i have the rack etc but before i fit the engine i wanted to remove the p/s pump and re-route the shorter belt onto it without the pump,i take it thats what i need to do and what route does the belt take around the water pump and alt,thanks
  Sunflower PH1
as far as i can see if i use an 850 belt and the water pump sits between the belt so its being turned by the bottom part of the belt then the water pump will be turning the opposite way to standard and that aint good,any advice please,thanks
  Lionel Richie
  ClioSport 172 Cup
Do you have to go to the trouble of changing the PAS rack for a Rack and Pinion? I remember i did this mod on my Swift GTi a while back and i ran that fine with the PAS rack on and no pump in operation.