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Nothing but trouble!

Has anyone else experienced any problems with build quality on the mk2 172s? I have only done 3000 miles to date and I have had the complete front O/S suspension replaced (collapsed), new airbag contacts behind the steering wheel, new air flow sensor for the climate (in the roof) a new dash board is on order (to cure a rattle that can best be described as empty coke can behind the dash! and I am currently waiting on a booking at the bodyshop for a new rear spoiler to be fitted....
I had orriginaly been going to Reg Vardy in Sheffield, but seeming as they are more than useless (left my car on main road all day and got a parking ticket when it became a clearway at 4:30pm) I am now travelling all the way to Renault Leeds who are superb


  Shiny red R32

Sorry about all your problems James. I dont think anyone here has had that many faults with their car! Looks like you had the "Friday afternoon car"


Explain to me why you still have this car??

It was clearly not of merchantable quality!!

I have thought the same. Renault UK were involved at first and they were very apologetic! Im just going to see how this round of fixes goes and take it from there, hopefully Renault Leeds can sort it in one go. The new dash has me worried though....I used to work at a merc dealer and anyone who had bad rattles got the foam filler treatment

Reg Vardy Sheffield on Ecclesall Rd are especially stupid in my opinion. Spent ages telling my mother that her Laguna DIDNT keep on accelerating without her pressing the pedal, and then three months later a recall was out.

However, when I bought my last Clio they offered me insurance for a £300 discount at £500 and then forgot to take any money. How stupid is that?! The insurance was all paid up, they just never billed me for it.

Are you from Sheffield then? I keep flashing 172s around Sheffield, but no-one ever waves back. Sounds like your car has been in the garage a bit bit, though...


Sounds just like the Vardys I know... They even tried to tell me I must have been imagining some of these faults, t**sers!
Yes Im from Sheffield. I live in Abbeydale and work in the town centre. I have seen a coupe of 172s about and flashed and waved at some guy in a mk1 the other day - he looked at me gone out! Where you at?

Ive just moved to Walkley / Crookes from Broomhill. See the occasional 172 around. A guy in a MK1 waved when I did, but since then, nothing!

Im always going for my evening drives around Abbeydale, Owler Bar, Foxhouse, Hathersage, Ladybower, Rivelin Valley Ahhh....bliss!!!

Im meeting up with Mr. Cooper-S Boy at the Prince of Wales, Ecclesall Rd. South at 6.30pm on Tuesday if you want to come along. Hopefully be a Civic Type-R there as well.


The Prince of Wales is at the top of my road! Sounds like a good laugh, Ill say yes now and keep you posted (Need to make sure I can finish work early!). Got any routes planned out yet?
I have also just ordered a set of those Lexus style rear lights from David at K-Tec (
they should be here Monday and on the car Tuesday - I think they look mad!


  Shiny red R32

James could you post pics of your car when you have your new lights on please?

Tuesday should be a good night. Will be nice to put one or two names to faces.
Rhys, I was up Walkley the other night seeing a friend. Lives mid way down a big steep hill with a pub right at the top and another one right at the bottom with very similar names??? Help me out...cant remember what they are called!!!
I got my car back today with clear lights fitted. 341 bar from Sytners BMW!! Ouch. Dont think the Type-R will be coming as they guy is away next week but should be another Cooper S coming along. Dont want to be a Billy no mates!!