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Oil cooler, How to go about fitting it ito crossmember area.

Ive recently baught an oil cooler from Foxy (cheers), comes with braided hoses, themostat sandwich plate, and 13 row oil cooler.

i can see how i all goes together but my problem is im having trouble trying to think how im going to fit it to cross member?

Theres the square SEALED flat beam surface with a 10mm lip under it that would block of 2 rows on the cooler if i mounted it.

Can somone show or be able to explain to me where and how to mount it as its not immediately obvious.

Pics would be helpfull please

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fitted, had to make up my own brakets in the end and drill the cross member, all fitted, bumper now has quick release.. cheers for all the help, not.
ive sorted my bumper out so it only takes 2 mins to take off, done away with the 8 or so bolts that hold it on and changed them for somthing a little different. the sides that meet the wings just push into place now and the top is held by 2 meaty tie wraps, looks neat if i may say. ive gave it a good pull and push and drove over some bumpy roads and its held solid in place