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oil problem ?!?

  Titanium 182
Right, my cars LCD oil display can't make it's mind up, sometimes its full sometimes it's just under full but today it was only on half. Now I know they aren't accurate but surely it can't be that inacurate ?!

I topped up my oil a little bit last week and as far as I know it is fine but I'm going to be checking it on the dipstick again after work.

These readings are from cold on level ground too. It's got me a bit worried but I haven't seen any signs of burning oil, blue smoke/smelled of oil in the car. And it sounds to be running completely normally.

Could a sensor be causing an issue with the dashboard lcd oil level ?

Also my coolant in my expansion tank keeps sinking to just below minimum, if I fill it up and drive it for 10 mins it's gone below minimum again, leaky water pump ? there is a faint squeaking from the N/S foglight area when the engine is running.
This morning on the way to work the water temp which normally sits just under half way was above halfway by one "dot" on the gauge.

Bloody cars,

  2016 Audi RS3
My water temp sits 'just' above level, that is normal operating temperature I think (this is on a mk2 ph2 dash).
  Cooksport Fleet
quite normal for the car not to warm up correctly, mine sits just bellow running temp until its had to work a little.

The water level will go down once the engine is warm, but it should go back up when it cools.

Fair play for checking all this tho, i know quite a few people who never bother!

Just keep an eye on the dipstick for the oil, the whole Renaultsport range burns oil, it is only a small amount, but there is a guide of what consumption you should have from renault. Its like 1ltr per 5000 miles or something cant remember.

Hope that helps a little